[MOD] Project Pandora


Ah, that’s because you can’t open it yet. Once you can open it, it will lose its transparency :smile:


Mhmmm… yes indeed sounds logical! :smile:

Blacksmith lvl3, key, another key, more keys, blacksmith lvl6, tons of keys!!! What I’m supposed to do with these keys???

Btw, the cool thing is you can sell them but there is a missing icon in the shop:


If you select the box, the unlock option should no longer to transparent. Assuming the translation has taken place!

If it hasn’t taken place I didn’t expect people to be making keys before the translation took place. Hmm, I might have to look at that

And yeah, thanks for reminding me, its one of the minor things I still need to finish


I don’t follow you well. The steps are:

  • Dead guy
  • Translation
  • Forge the key

This is what I’ve done so far, am I on the good track?

Now you are talking about an “unlock option”. Where it is supposed to be? (If I select the box, I see no options anywhere.)


You’re on the right track

The transparent icon on the box should no longer be transparent and its tooltip should have updated


Ok, then I will reload that game because I’ve just begun a peaceful game and the mod is still active. If (as I supposed it will be) some fight shall take place, that’s not what is expected.

Now on this new game, I see the cursor goes to a hand upon the box’s icon just like over the tombstone when you need to inspect the dead body. I have to reload the previous game but I think the cursor do not change on the box. Hold on a few secs, I’ll be back.

Edit: no the cursor do change correctly. Now the tooltip didn’t change. Perhaps there is something here?


I was leaving a decent amount of grass around it but still :frowning: Left a lot on my last game and the body spawned! However there where two wood by the body and the next two objects didn’t :frowning:

I’m really liking the beginning concept though :blush:


is this gonna be updated ?


I wouldn’t expect it to be updated. Firstly, the original author isn’t active around here much anymore (although he still does drop by rarely); and secondly this mod is 2 years old now so the game has changed heaps since it was made. Bringing it back up to date pretty much means starting over again, and I doubt Froggy has the time to do that right now.

That said, it looks like an awesome mod so I very much hope I’m wrong here, and that it gets updated at some point.


Where is Luigi when you need him?