[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


I would be suprised if 3DS is handling that in a better way… same with Blender :wink:.


Don’t take my illusions, I like to imagine I have waded through a sea of code-pocalypse monsters and by opposing ended them.
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Holy crap! I just discovered this mod. Love it! Love the concept and I’m totally blown away by your 2d art and 3d models. This is definitely something I think fits well with the Stonehearth model and feel (and is something I was really hoping for). I love medieval-themed stuff and I’m 1/2 Norwegian descendant, so I’ve always had a fascination with Vikings too. Keep up the amazing work!

Let me know if you need help with anything. I have used Blender for about 6 years as a hobby, but I’m mostly only good at buildings, castles, and siege engines (oh and airplanes, but I don’t think that will be necessary for this mod). I have no experience with Qubicle but I will learn eventually.

Anyways, a big fan of the work. Also, the viking’s round shields remind me of the LEGO Vikings (loved those back in the day!).


“I clicked a button and he went melty.” <— Actual phrase uttered today byTobias Sabathius while playing around with Norsehearth animations.


This still being worked on at all?


I pray to the Allfather that @TobiasSabathius is indeed still silently working on this… :pray:


Hopefully he is. If not someone must carry the torch in his place…


I have wanted to do some thing like this but I am sure he is still working on it so no need for me to :smile:


So, after cobbling together a very shaky battle arena I thought I would introduce the newly created kingdom of the draugr to some Hearthlings.

The boys were very eager like their first day at school

They were soon making new friends

Eventually they were all just running around screaming and playing catch

I will have a bit more to show soon when I fine tune the animations and find out what is causing a disembodied finger from following the draugr around.

Love and hugs


Those look amazing! I can’t wait to see more on how the mod is progressing. Been looking forward for it for a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that is something I’d like to get my hands on :wink:


I feel like the 1 draugrs helmet should be a little more squarish but it’s still plenty of AWESOME! Looking forward to seeing more :smiley:


I chuckled out loud at reading this… and for that, I thank you, good sir… :smile:


Wow, this mod is really starting to take shape.

I love the Draugr, they look awesome and just Norse-ish enough to fit in. The only suggestion I have relates to the color scheme. In Stonehearth the colors are sort of washed-out in a way, but the color palette is chosen in such a way that the colors all conflict just right. With the Draugr, the tones all sort of blend together in one giant shape. Perhaps lightening their skin a bit would add more contrast.

Other than that, it looks great. Keep up the good work!


It is a horrible hack which will probably break with every release. I just rebuilt it from CSI-ing the streams where Tom showed the battle arena. However there were some bits missing and “quick and dirty” solutions were the result.

@Tom said they will be releasing the real version onto the github after Alpha 9 - so imminent.

You are very right, the helmets are quite old and a first pass. They will not be default kit for the base draugr but for the more elite units. More work to come :wink:

@SteveAdamo Those draugr are little scamps

Absolutely, once the animation and plumbing are in place I will do a full review of the models and colours (some are quite old now) :older_man: also I have lux running (thanks @Geoffers747) which during the evening changes the colour values quite a bit. That being said they still need a metric ton of work.


Psst - you can disable f.lux for a period of time if you’re doing colour sensitive work. You didn’t hear that from me.

P.s. I love you is not just a fantastic cinematic experience.


With [Alt] + [End] for the lazy. But beware, your eyes will hurt.


Oh, yes. The wonders/horrors of f.lux. One time I spent several hours on some art that relied heavily on getting the exact shading right - only to realize I had forgotten to disable lux and nearly all my work had to be redone.


Well, I have had a little time over the last few days and would like to share come pictures.
These are mainly to show the Norsehearth pines.

Now before we begin I would like to point out that I know the models are possibly a little heavy for the number of instances trees require and in my defense they look pretty this is the first iteration.

I have created a set of models which don’t stray quite so far from the Stonehearth norm and I will post pictures of them in a bit.

Also included are a few other Norse type assets.

All done I promise, well i say that…
Once I get the new models sorted and grabs some screenies I’ll be back!


Looks great!
Did you made those roofs manually (partially) or did you somehow got that roof extension coded in?


Here are the alternative Stonehearth type pines.
I think I prefer the first type more but not entirely sure.

@Miturion I built the houses manually and saved them out because quite frankly the building code terrifies me; I am more a json hacker than a coder.