[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


I am happy I dont have to make that choice :smile:. They look both fine to me.

Ya, thought so already. But you never know. :blush:


:open_mouth: ( Speechless… )

Wonderful job, keep it up! :heart_eyes:


Wow @TobiasSabathius I am loving the Norsehearth updates. Looks beautiful!


Whilst blowing the dust off all the crates marked ‘Norsehearth’ I discovered a box labeled 'draugr anims’
Well, it is rough to be sure with much to be cleaned up but here is a video of a couple of the idle animations.




As much as they are round… those shields still seem to sit well in game. Kinda draws the eye. :smile:


I am new to StoneHearth and I must admit I am eager to have this MOD played, it definitely provides us with the “RPG” add on most of us are looking for while playing a city-builder.

Is there any link where we can have this downloaded or is it still under development?


@TobiasSabathius has yet to release/finish this wonderful mod, but he is working on it.


:scream: This MUST be a thing. I cannot wait for this mod. :smile:


what do you use to make these awesome pics?


This mod seems to be really excellent!
Not sure if I dreamt but I heard there will be a northern faction in SH. Is there a relation between this mod and this incoming faction?


There is. The Northern Alliance is one of the playable factions for which names are being added to in the streams (also mentioned as far back as the Kickstarter with a pretty infographic).

I feel like TobiasSabathius would have to know all about that, but his vision is necessarily quite different from that of Radiant. So it’s still worth having.


Why not download? Or say is in the making?I’m looking forward to! Because of the great


I was sold as soon as I saw the Norse Hearthlings.


I would Really love to see this MOD brought to life again! :pray::slight_smile:


What?! is it dead ._.


soow anything still happening on this mod?


Hi, can you contact me in facebook Lukas Narutis. I want to order some blocky food Voxel models


@Robotronas, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:! I’m a bit confused what you are asking here. Do you know TobiasSabathius prior to joining the forums? He hasn’t posted here in over a year…


So 5 years eh?
Hoping to release version 0.1 on the steam workshop soon.

Release 0.1

  • Norselings as a playable race
  • New Outfits - Norse worker, spearman and warrior
  • New Class Spearman - a Tier 1 melee class
  • New Class Warrior - a Tier 2 melee class
  • Placeable Item - Runestones small and large - mason recipe
  • Placeable Item - Norse shield wall hanging
  • Modifed Trees - All pines, all of the time! ( Hacky overide, will make a specific biome soon™ )
  • New Item - Norseling sword (basic and fine)
  • New Item - Norseling Shields

This release is just the beginning. I will try to update every weekend or two (work allowing)


Looking forward to try this :slight_smile: