[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


Hyyyypeeee!! Been waiting for this for 5 years!!!


Valhalla awaits! :star_struck:


We might have quite a bit of overlap in this territory :stuck_out_tongue:
(my Vikingmod) I kinda thought you were dead and gone lol
(though I haven’t gone as far as a race and an enviroment yet , and have been focusing mostly on arms and armour) definitely going to check it out :slight_smile:


I should probably issue a bit of a warning about the mod: :warning: it is definitely “Minimally Tested” and more of a brain dump.
I had a bit of time this weekend and releasing in this half baked state (minimal viable product people!) is a push out of the door so that I have something to iterate on and improve. Otherwise I will umm and ahh, and ponder forever, obsessing over the perfect form that I will never create or release.

Please call out errors/bugs here - I will backlog them and fix them as I go
I already know of a bunch like:

  • Building templates being empty ( me biting off more than I could chew)
  • Animation Clipping ( I have custom animations but will probably have to rework them all as they are a few years old by now )
  • The spearman and warrior reusing the footman and knight stuff (alot)
  • You might want to avoid the small runestone (I think I fixed the bug with the .qb being compressed and so crashing the game but travelling for work and only able to check on friday)

@Wouter_Sikkema there is more than enough room for both I am sure :wink:
To keep it clear I will generally avoid using the term viking in Norsehearth.
Whilst cosmetically a little similar at this stage I think the aims, style, and focus of the mods will be very different.



im sure :slight_smile: though i think indeed our aproaches differ (i tend to just throw out my current work in progress spliters errors and all, unless they are unplayable)
our aims might be more close then you think. its just that i dont yet know how to do monsters/custom trees etc yet :stuck_out_tongue: (also i suspect your runestone might be better than mine)

so i started with “stuff” which is easier. im aiming for norse mythology in the tune of age of mythology. so armour, items, an einherjar class or something is something i’d like to do.
so the stonehearth version of these dudes :slight_smile:

we’ll see where we end up :slight_smile:


other known bugs scheduled for squashing this weekend:

  • Pink eyebrows (so deeper look at the modular hair/face system to see how far it has evolved since the last work i did on it)
  • Farming is broken (I know what I did, just forgot I did it )
  • Dig into a more elegant tree implementation that is Norsehearth specific and not mess with the other faction trees

Any other bugs please post them here

  • Norselings have invaded and replaced Ascendency settlers




Norselings have invaded and replaced Ascendency settlers. Have not checked Rayaa’s yet for imposters, but can make a point of it.


Is it possible to play the norse mod with the viking mod? Or would it overlap things and mess it up?


this is the only reason i am holding out (for now) but as suggestions for when this part is fixed?

(i do not know how many of these have been suggested (there are 100s of replies) so i appologize if already covered

  • you want to implement magic? how about allowing the Cultists to have more interaction with bunny shrines? (i.e. use Bunneh Runes to get specific nature buffs which do XX resistence and similar)
  • add Deity Buffs XX the god of thunder worship = XX timer of lightning resist buff (for when they get zapped in a storm or etc)
  • xx augments to swords and shields

and many others i have yet to think of :wink:

Ofc i have no idea how you are at modding - but these are my wouldn’t it be good if ideas :slight_smile:

Edited for spelling


as the author of the viking mod: they should play nice as far as i know, we focussed on different things so far. at least, as far as i know.


Farming and norse worker outfit overspill fixed.
Working on the biome for trees and such.

Thanks to @BrunoSupremo for all the biome knowledge sharing
and @Vargbane for the Anorien Mod from which I am learning what I need for my biome.

Aiming for a release on Sunday night.



Taiga biome done (Biomes are so much fun!)
Releasing tonight with whatever else I can get finished



That biome looks absolutely awesome. Love the high, steep mountains combined with the small valleys and the pine trees. Can’t wait for it to be available. :jubilant:


Looks super awesome Tobias :slightly_smiling_face:


that biome, are you releasing it as a seperate mod? (please say yes :P)
looks awsome man!


Norsehearth release 0.2 on steam now!

added Taiga biome
added music (see credits below)
Removed footman and knight from Norseling jobs

Fixed the campaign (defaults to Ascendency for now Norseling campaign on its way :slight_smile:
Fixed traders (Ascendency for now Norseling soon)
Fixed the worker outfit overspill
Fixed crops

Building templates
Spearman and warrior tuning (they are awful at the moment be warned!)
Remove wooden sword from carpenter recipes
More biome tuning (because it is too much fun!)

“Achaidh Cheide”
“Frost Waltz”

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

@Opperwezen This mod should play nicely with other mods (with the caveat that it will remove certain professions if you play as Norselings)

@Wouter_Sikkema I hadn’t thought about it but once I have some time I will wrap the bome up in its own mod

@Kittyodoom I havent come across the elusive pink eyebrow. Do you have steps by which I can replicate it?

Thanks all for trying it so far
Especially @sdee and Angelo



Curious about the music of the mod did you create it or do you know if it’s legal to use on Youtube?
Because most likely in the future will make a series with this biome


Looking forward to see seeds implemented on the trees in this biome, it is really georgeous!


@Banto the music is the default maker of internetz and youtube music: Kevin MacLeod (see link in the 0.2 release notes a couple of posts back). He has produced a huge amount of music and it is usable under the attributions license. Go to his site and have a browse.

@Fornjotr I will look at how this is done, probably not too hard a couple of sapling models and a bit of json I think. If so I will try to get that bashed out this coming weekend.

Also got a nice biome update for 0.3 coming this weekend :smiley:
Away with work now so I cant post up any teasers or crank the hype handle. I must be slipping :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Kevin :smiley: he does great stuff and then it should not be problems just credit him for his amazing music :smiley: glad you found it i like it very much!