[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


@Banto for the music titles and the license and credit please see the end of either of the release notes for 0.2 (5 posts above and the main workshop page on steam)

I look forward to your stream though you might want to wait until 0.3 later this weekend as there a number of improvements :wink:



@TobiasSabathius little side question, how did you fix the quests for your norselings?


Oh will see then if i wait with that biome for next week then


@Wouter_Sikkema I had dumped all references to the GM and campaign when I originally stripped back the rayya’s children mod as a template. I assumed (erroneously as it turned out) that with no reference it would just default to the ascendency.

To fix I just reimplemented the gm stuff for the ascendency in the norsehearth mod to be used as a base for the coming Norsehearth campaigns. I believe it all lives under /data/gm with a scattering of references else where.


Thanks man, I’ll give it an oggle


I just found an easier fix. All you need to do is us a mixinto to add a new test to the town_progression_campain.json

   "can_start": {
      "test_2": {
         "kingdom_check": {
            "type": "deny_if_not",
            "item": "kingdom",
            "value": "nihonjin:kingdoms:nihonjin"

Doing this doesn’t require any copying of the campaign files from the stonehearth.smod :smile:
Though if you want to use a custom banner instead of the acendancy one, you’ll need to copy the files I believe.


@Avairian Couldn’t we do it mix-in style like armour adding/removal? That way one could change just what needs changing for a race/Kingdom?


The campaign uses the url for the ascendancy standard so you’d have to override it with your kingdom standard, but this will more than likely change it for the ascendancy kingdom as well.

It doesn’t work quite like the recipes do. The recipes for your kingdom reference your recipe list, which you mixin the stonehearth recipes into. In this case you are mixing into the stonehearth file, which won’t be kingdom specific.


Release 0.3 - CloudyHead Update


  • Added Cloudy Headed Mountains to Taiga biome
  • Added palisade recipe to carpenter - defend yourself
  • Divided shields into basic, strong and fancy - each with different requirements
  • Moar runestones - numerous alternate models for large runestones
  • Added helmet recipes for blacksmith - Basic and Fine (bad name will be fancy soon), Full helm not compete yet

Fixes & Bugs

  • A bit of a balance pass - still will be pretty hard though until further additions and balances happen
  • Bugged - Late town progression for Glory Hearth not working :frowning:


  • Building templates - Done a bunch but need the building system to be more stable before implementing
  • More buffs, boosts, kit and equipiment to make daily life in Norsehearth a healthier option
  • More models and mechanics

A couple more screenshots


more screenshot spam



Are these clouds not hitting your performance? When I did it in the Swamp biome it really chewed my pc :frowning: (I guess it just had way more effects)



Yeah, I haven’t had any problems yet.:crossed_fingers:

I was going to ask you if having huge amounts of cube emitters affected performance. If it does I still have a bit of room for scaling back the number :slight_smile: Do you think it is the number of emitters or the number of particles which causes PC stress?

Please let me know if you see any performance hit? I’m not quite done with the emitters yet…


HOW do i make Classes additional / not kingdom dependent

Well, as a start, I had basically the whole map covered in foggy made by these particles.
And most was not even visible (ending underground). So it was poorly optimized from me.
I guess your clouds will not be a problem. If one day you end up needing to recover performance, just tone down the number of particles and compensate that by increasing their opacity.


With pleasure !!
first question, is the warrior class bugged ? i cant find the craft of the Sword


@TobiasSabathius Could you tell me how to properly make the jobs additional and the craftings ?


is it available in 1.0?
Github link?


You can download Norsehearth on Steam Workshop


I suspect the request for a direct download was due to not using Steam, which some of the community do not