[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


if you had only created a tiny portion of what you described, it would still be rock solid… good grief man, you sure are thorough… nice work! :smile:


DISKWORLD! CACHING! Anyways, Norsehearth progress was last updated in Feb, And that was a long time ago, but if I remember right, @TobiasSabathius has got things to do in real life so we all cry ourselves to sleep. All is forgiven.


Now if you are a wizard that poses the question. If I steal your pointy shoes do I become a more powerful wizard?


will this be going on still?


It is still on going.
After getting properly sidetracked by the animation tool (which is great and stuff but still refuses to comply with my will regarding exporting animations) I have jumped back in and am setting up the basic mod stuff… So there will be things ( :tm: ) to show shortly.

@Programmierer when longships were first mentioned I had an image in my head of what it should look like… your ship is precisely that.


Yay looks like it will be a good mod!


Wow, thank you :blush:
I just tried to use some old blueprints and stretch them as tiny as the modell should be. Like 1 Pixel = 1 Voxel.

So now I can confess that your beautiful viking warriors are the reason, why I startet my own mod.
Really looking forward to play the sons of Odin! =)


just use blender with @voxel_pirate add-on other than inventing the wheel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
works great.


I will not yield!

Anyway, I have finally fixed the issue which had been causing my some not inconsiderable consternation.

Having spent numerous nights and many mornings battling the behemoth that is Maya, more specifically the quaternion question, we have both withdrawn from the field of battle; me to my throne of victory and Maya to the corner where it pouts and blows raspberries at me like a petulant orangutan ( @Geoffers747, Avatar not actual). I have finally achieved what @voxel_pirate handled with ease over six months ago, and I am proud. I actually looked around expecting a fanfare; but there was none.

The upshot of all this is: The Maya Stonehearth tool is now animation enabled and soon the dam will break and a torrent of animations for viking, draugr and spider alike will flow out across the realm of Norsehearth.


:loudspeaker: one of Raya’s favored returns!

:boom: :confetti_ball: :tada: :boom:


Welcome back! Can’t wait to see what it’ll be like when it comes together


I join the fanboysfare:

:boom: :confetti_ball: :tada: :boom:


I am still working on an item or two for the Maya tool.

This following video will be updated soon with audio until then enjoy my emphatic waving of the cursor in an attempt to communicate something or other, like a mime in a deep sea diving suit.

Go for HD quality if you can, being able to read the text helps (… a bit)

There are many improvements to be made (and then a release with a bit of luck) but they will have to wait for the next iteration.

Cheers my dears,


(edited for spelling … and for great justice)


Have you been able to get the animation into a .json file?
because I try to get into json with a script I made (I didn’t finish it^^) but I just get all the positions of body’s parts for the frame 1^^ and I know that MAYA is similar to 3DS Max.


The save animations works I am occasionally getting some issues with inherited transforms the cause of which I am currently hunting down.
I did have the problem you describe but it turned out to be a badly formed loop overwriting the lists I was using.

In the end it became a non problem as I dumped the python JSON dump serialiser. It was creating some of the ugliest JSON I have seen and it would break compatibility with others stonehearth tools if they relied on absolute formatting rather than JSON structure. So I stole wholesale was inspired by @voxel_pirate’s method of constructing the animation JSON files so they conform with ‘Radiant Standard’

Next comes a round of bug fixing and clean up then a release. not sure how many folks use maya though :grimacing:


Okay so you will give us a tuto to make animations on 3DS MAX?

I really need to solve my problem of script I just need to know how to iterate on the different frames^^


I think Tobias is your “man” if you want to use Maya :wink:.


So I think I will transfer my work to Maya =P The language to script in 3DS MAX need a better documentation^^ (I have to do this script I can manage ^^)


Halfway through I wished I was using MAX. Maya is a bit twitchy around quaternions and litters invisible roadblocks throughout the process of importing and exporting…thats what makes it fun :smile:

3DS was used by @Tom and so I fondly imagine that the process is a lot more straight forward.

Also worth mentioning that Maya has a mass of scripting tools all differentish (MEL, pymel, openmaya, maya api) and all documented to differing levels, so making sure you choose one an stick to it (unless the thing you want to do is not available and then mash the technologies together FTW)

My code is a mess of cludged together horror. :scream:


[quote=“TobiasSabathius, post:160, topic:2205”]
My code is a mess of cludged together horror.[/quote]
Doesn’t matter if it works :smiley: