[MOD] Kaimonkey's Traits Version 3 -- Now with Pacifists, Barbarians and more!


The mason is one of my starting hearthling, yes. And I did reroll a few times, though I’m not sure if he ever passed the barbarian trait. He doesn’t have it when the game start, that I’m certain.


Always clean up your listeners guys!!

Okay, so I know the issue, when a hearthling becomes a barbarian she gains a listener that says “when I change job, also Change my outfit”
It looks like I forgot to remove (or made a mistake while removing) that listener after the trait is removed!
Thanks guys will be fixed… Friday?


So the biggest culprit i have encountered so far has to be the “militaristic” trait - i like the idea a lot, but, there’s an inconsistency associated with it, that being bows.

Whenever someone with that trait, who is not an archer, grabs a bow, they will not ever fire it - i do not know if that unintended interaction is part of the bugged state of archers currently or not, but thought i’d let you know friend.


Hmm… Ngl this has not been super well tested due to how arkward provoking combat encounters through dev tools is…
Again, I shall investigate, I might have to do some wierd AI hacks to get it to work


It’s not - that–awkward, go to the quest explorer thing, select the daily monster attack, hit trigger, voila, fight :stuck_out_tongue:


I have only got a ~10% success rate doing that on completely fresh worlds


Glad to hear it and thank you for your work. For the mean time is it possible for me to clear my listener for a temporary fix and if so, how do i clear it?. I’m still new to the technical side of this game


Not without doing some wierd lua command line stuff. :frowning:


Oh god the pacifist trait…

I remember this from Rimworld… something about having a hippie town…

this is going to be fun


This has now been fixed, sorry it took so long! :slight_smile:
(It may or may not work retroactively on existing hearthlings. If not I apologize for their strange fashion choices…)


Hey do you plan to put more traits in? I faintly recall you mentioning that you don’t want to override the perks that are already there… So I’m just curious if that means you are done here or if you plan to add just a few more?


new trait suggestion:

Battle Worn: Older veteran of the army, can be a knight or is a knight, just slower as he is older, increased Body and Mind, can not be demoted

@kaimonkey would love to see if ya can make Nile’s the geomancer from my Silverthorn lore come to life for me :stuck_out_tongue:
He is a geomancer from amberstone clan, but has decided to live with Ragnar his best friend. He is scarred on on his right eye and also had a missing chunck on his left ear, from their adventures together. anyways let me know, love your work and just wanted to give ya a cool trait


Wonderful! Thank you for the hard work and don’t worry about my mason, I suppose he took “dressing for the job you want” abit too seriously.
Looking forward to more traits from you.


Noticed this with farmer too, so to fix it just depromote him and repromote him, thats how i fixed it with the farmer

barbarian gear on farmer

Demote and repromote



Hi, where is the non-steam download link for this mod?


The wizened trait could use a buff, I know it improves the base level but currently I see more 3-4 Mind hearthlings with the trait. Would be nice if it was more common to see high mind(7-8)


I have some suggestions:

Trait: Magnificent Hair

Description: gives male hearthlings long hair (similar to Thor)
And gives female hearthlings really long braided hair

Trait: Elf

Description: Gives hearthlings elf ears and boosts their speed and bow damage/cleric healing

Trait: Demon

Description: Gives hearthlings dark grey skin and goat horns, also makes all their attacks to deal fire damage.

Trait: War Paint

Description: just a cosmetic change that gives them a face paint similar to Braveheart

Trait: Corpse Paint

Description: another cosmetic one that makes their skin literally white and gives them a face paint similar to the characters from the web comic Belzebubs by JP Ahonen

Trait: Berserker

Description: a variant of the barbarian that is unable to use shields but able to dual wield weapons.


i can tell you that one isnt going to happen, unless someone makes left-handed attack animations :stuck_out_tongue:


We might actually be able to do that by copying the files for the right handed animations and manually mirror them. Changing right hand to left hand and so on. We would have to change the numbers as well, but I think that should “only” be about adding and removing minus signs in the right places… wherever that might be… I’m not saying that it would be easy and I don’t even know if the current animations looks good when holding two swords, so it might be easier and look better to do it the proper way… just a thought. :slight_smile:
It would require some programming to support left handed attacks as well of course. But we have more coders than animators so that should be less of a problem. :wink:


That would be the case if these Nimations were centred… I think they aren’t XD