Hearthling Traits are A bit, Predictable

I have tested this on 6 different Saves, 3 Ascendancy, 3 Raaya

And what I have noticed is 5 Traits are “Predictable” in which they show up, A LOT.

Night Owl
Heart of a Crafter
and Callous

And after randomizing traits about 50 Times per Hearthling, Everyone wants to be A Callous Glutton Crafter God or a Cultist Night Owl average of 67% of the time when tested.

The Rarest one were the Passionate Traits and Animal Companion

With the Former Traits Being the Worker Traits as the Rarest Trait to get overall, only 30 Instances of the Passionate Worker Trait was within the 250+ Times I Re-Rolled each Individual Hearthling.

I will be honest, having to Micromanage Stats (I am wired that way, I need PERFECT Hearthlings) takes 25 minutes, I would like to impose A new Randomization of the Traits.

I do realize people might have different stats, and My common stats might be Rare to them, but this is with 90+ minutes of testing to see if the Traits were Randomized. I know it all is about probability and such, but the Randomization, was, for me. Truly Predictable.


I thought I wasn’t the only one to notice this. Strangely enough, I could never get the Passion_Farmer trait to actually spawn let along the Green_Thumb trait either. Which was a real pain til I had to use the add_trait command.


@Allie was seeing something like this in her play test. Paging @jamiltron in case he has any thoughts. It’s a bit funny because originally it was the passion traits that came up repeatedly :slight_smile:


By the way, when we are talking about traits, (or will I derail the thread then?). How are the weights of the trait appearances determined. Does modding in a new trait mess with those weights?
If you for instance mod in a new class, along with a new passion trait, you’d want that trait to have a chance of showing up at least as often as every other passion trait.


Thanks for reporting this. I’ll take a look and see what we can do.

As for modding - if you create a new class and an associated passion trait, if you place that trait into the passion_jobs group in traits_index.json it will have the same probability as the other passion traits.

Thank you!