Modding traits edit old and add new

Is it possible to mod traits? I mean, add new ones, change the probability that they have of appearing…

Yes, it is all done through json, so it is relatively simple.

As a starting point, it is all stored at the /data/traits folder. The file traits_index there is where all them are listed and recognized by the game, so you can edit that to add or remove traits. Though I do not think it is possible to change the probabilities of each, I guess they are all equal.

They are not equal. I am one of those min/maxers who spend an eternity rerolling before starting a game. Getting something like “Passionate Carpenter” is significantly more difficult than something like “Jokester.”

What I noticed in the traits_index file is that some traits are grouped, such as “food_preference”,“passion_jobs”, etc., then these groups are further broken down. While others are listed on their own like “animal_companion”.

I think when a roll is made, indivudually listed traits and these groups have equal chances. And when a group wins, another roll decides which trait in that group wins.

Now, I am not much of a modder myself, so this is more of an… uhm… “educated guess”, but it sort of makes sense. I wonder if listing certain traits multiple times in the index would multiply the chance of getting that trait.

I remember that at the embark screen there is explicit code to make traits not repeat, so I guess that is why rolling new hearthlings for specific traits is so hard. The ones you discard keep returning because they are not used yet in other hearthlings.

I can’t find the traits_index file, any clue about how to find it? Thanks.

it’s in stonehearth\data\traits

found thanks, first time modding and my brain was a bit lazy to understand i must extract .smod first