New and better distribution of hearthling attributes

There is one thing which keeps buggering me whenever I create a new party. Whenever I roll to create new Hearthlings I get some with normal stats, but also a few with very bad/very good stats. Last time I rolled I got these 2.

I think it would be better to use 8 “archtypes” with some randomness included, like a 20% chance on each stat to get +1 or -1. This way you would never have hearthlings with totally worthless stats.

Edit: Maybe it’s also a fun idea to give a few of them traits like in Crusader Kings II. This mechanic isn’t very complex but would allow for much more depth. I can let you image all the possibilites with this.


Hmm or maybe just make a set amount of stats that is randomly distributed? so at least you work with around the same collected charracter strength at the start of all games.