[MOD] Kaimonkey's Traits Version 3 -- Now with Pacifists, Barbarians and more!


also, idea: something inspired by odins quest for wisdom might be good? as in sacrifice an eye for wisdom? (add eyepatch to hearthling) give some kind of bonus?
(possibly even some herbalist-based bonus? unlock a special potion or something if its a herbalist/cleric?)


There really is a lot of funky traits one can come up with, like “frail” so weather effects are twice as “dramatic” for this individual - maybe expand on the “opinionated” trait and gives it more “appeal” items, where more things make them angry or something.

And this one may be a little out there, but a climber of sorts capable of scaling an incline of 2 blocks instead of 1 - though it has to have some pretty significant downside to add that “play around” factor, and i’m not certain that’s something you are even interested in adding friend.

Anyway, love the mod, enjoy any extra level of personality for the little dudes!


I don’t think I’ll be adding much to this mod: if I add too many the additional traits will over shadow the existing ones.

However, I would consider suggestions interacting more deeply with the crafting mechanics: something like:
“Can craft [items meeting some prequisite] without meeting level requirements/of any job”
“When crafting recepies with [ingredient type], may use [ingredient] instead”
“Cannot craft [ items meeting prerequisite]”
“Has unique recepies for [job(s)] which only they can craft”


Ran into a bug where when selecting your starting people and re-rolling members they will turn from northern alliance to ascendancy. No idea if this is the mods fault but it seems like it occurs if they have a trait added by the mod.


Ah, darn, yeah I know why that is… It’s only the wrong outfit, but I should be able to fix that soon


Crafting related traits:

  1. Quantity over quality (needs a shorter name). Works faster and might get more xp, but will never/rarely make fine items.
  2. Daring crafter. Can attempt to make items with a level restriction above their level but with the risk of failing and wasting the resources. Higher risk the more above their level the item is. They should only attempt it if there are no other crafter with the required level and no other queued items that they have the right level for. If there are more than one queued item above their level they should start with the easiest one that require the least resources. They should probably get some xp even if they fail and maybe more xp than usual if they succeed.
  3. Destined crafter. For whatever crafting job they end up doing they will eventually come up with a unique item that only they can make. If you don’t want to design an item for each type of crafter then maybe you can take a random recipe and give it a super-extra-fine tag that boosts its stats.


Crafting related trait;

Perfectionist - takes twice as long to craft and twice as many materials, but always creates highest quality items


That one might be a little OP for a trader town friend ^^

If they were able to make mastercrafted items then for the price of 2 items, you’d get the worth of 5 items :slight_smile:
Prolly need to dial that one back a bit, though i really like the basic concept of double ressource spending along with double time to create something of higher quality :slight_smile:


How about if the perfectionist only have a higher chance to create highest quality and if they don’t they will rage (play the angry animation from conversations), destroy their unsatisfying creation and start over.


this sounds a bit like fey moods from dwarf fortress :’)
edit: then again i dont see hearthlings go loopy, demand materials and lock themselves in a workshop to make some insane masterpiece


I would love to see something like that in the game. Not so much for the fey mood but for the random items they create, even if it’s just a random description on a standard model.

No, a hearthling would probably let you know that it has an idea for a new item and ask for time and resources to make it. A more polite creative rage. :slight_smile:


Mason’s outfit got replaced with the outfit from Barbarian trait. Seems to occur in a new game, as previous masons’ outfits remain unchanged. Please look into it.


In order to have as many traits to the mod as you want, you could make it where only a set amount of traits are activated in a given world, or you could make it where the player chooses a set amount of new traits to be added. Another option you have is you could make several mods, each with a theme. So one could be the battle pack oriented about traits that affect fighting etc. A final option you could consider, would be to allow hearthlings after number 30 to have 2 traits.( Don’t know if this is possible.)


Hi, is it possible for me to get a save file for this bug? It sounds extremely strange.
Additionally, FYI, the barbarian will always wear her outfit regardless of job


Of course, here you go:
I use mega out of convenience, do let me know if you want me to upload it to your preferred cloud drive, or if this is not the file you are looking for.
Here is a picture of the bug:

That is my mason being selected there. I am aware that the outfit will override but he was wearing his default worker outfit prior to the job change.


And we’re absolutely double sure that the Mason’s not got the barbarian trait? :sweat_smile:
Will be able to investigate tomorrow


Can confirm, my blacksmith had this outfit on last night when playing, thought maybe TR updated the outfit without telling us :sweat_smile:


Maybe it’s not a bug it’s… err… A metaphor for… Something?


Also, I just did some thinking, and I think I have an idea: by any chance are both these guys part of your 5 starting hearthlings? And did you reroll a few times?



no :sweat_smile: I always just take whatever I get for variety
Actually yes, now that I think about it I did reroll that hearthling