[MOD] Kaimonkey's Traits Version 3 -- Now with Pacifists, Barbarians and more!


I’m actually going to release a pacifist tomorrow, who is simply unable to be promoted to any combat class


I dunno if Im a huge fan of removing the ability to use people in all jobs. Theres times where i need more fighters just to survive a wave or 2 then demote them.


In my opinion, that’s exactly why it’s an interesting disadvantage: they get a big spirit buff, but I want traits that you have to play arround and think about. If the mechanic of them being a pacifist only really matters, as you say, in that case where your rallying everyone, then really its barely different than if they had no effect at all.
An important rule of thumb for game ballance: if a disadvantage never effects gameplay decisions or outcome, then it’s not a disadvantage


Longs to rush into the battlefield and get their fight on. Opposite of pacifist; can only promote into combat classes.


That’s probably what the barbarian will be.


Ah. I translated the description as someone who shuns the use of defensive gear. Not quite the same


I think both would fit into a single trait. It would be redundant to have two separate but similar traits for two minor changes that would fit so well together.


Similar doesn’t make two things redundant.
There’s also a similar parallel in the game already - “Heart of a Crafter” and “Passionate [Crafting Class]”, just as one I can think of off the top of my head.

And in this case, they would serve a very different function, and actually be rather challenging together. If the barbarian simply refuses to equip defensive gear… you could make that Hearthling a non-combat class to avoid having a soldier in lighter armour.

If you had both, you now have someone who will only take on combat classes, who also has a restriction related to it. That’s interesting and challenging!


I don’t see a problem with having similar traits as long as they have some important difference and are easy to tell apart by name and description so they don’t get confusing. The probability of someone having them should probably be lower the more traits there are that are similar, so if there for example are 5 similar combat traits then they shouldn’t be at 10% each but more like 2% each.

To make the barbarians show fighting spirit even if they are assigned to a non combat job they could perhaps attack enemies that get too close even when not in town defense mode and only flee when getting low on health.


Hi, I really like this mod but I thought I’d share that there is a bug with the Wizened Trait. If you get one as a starter hearthling, the mind and spirit stats increase by 1 everytime you change the gender.


That’s a stonehearth bug because I don’t control that in code. If the team doesn’t fix before release I will monkey-patch a fix in, but for now I will leave it

How would they become a cleric then?
Or any other modded combat class that has non combat class requirements. I could do a complicated work around, but that feels out of scope for this mod, unfortunately


Hmm. fair points! I forgot about the herbalist requirement for cleric somehow, my bad >.<


an old person so brave an army of orcs, kobolds and trolls attack the town and the old person is just there, rather just keep making wooden fences than to run away panicking


Version 3 is now out on steam! This has the Pacifist, the Marital Trained, and the Barbarian!


How about a counterpart:

This hearthling will be quite unhappy and gain XP significantly slower if they are a crafter, archer, knight or cleric. They do, however, gain XP twice as fast if they are a farmer, footman, shepherd or trapper.

I’d consider adding the cook to the list of the not-so-noble jobs.


Nobles simply believe they are fabulous, famous, highly-demanded chefs. :wink:


I think cook doesn’t really fall into either category, noble or non-noble, given you can readily have a wide variety of cooks.

Only way to really distinguish them would be if there were a separate “chef” upgrade class with fancier dishes or something of the sort…
At least to me. ¯\ _ (ツ) _/¯


Now I’m thinking of that movie, ratatouille :’)


Two more trait ideas, again a pair of opposites: ascetic and luxuriant (the names may need some work hahah)

Ascetic hearthlings have their morale effects from appeal and environmental negatives (weather, cramped/cluttered environment) reduced by 25% – so they’re less impressed by fancy trappings and “frivolous” decorations; but are also less bothered by austere settings and minor hardships. It sounds similar to the existing Stoic trait, but there’s a subtle and powerful difference: an ascetic hearthling will still gain morale quickly from other sources (celebrations, good food, a comfy bed, etc.), they’re effectively just a little hardier than average when it comes to where they sleep and work.

Luxuriant hearthlings are the other side of the coin, with the effects of appeal and environmental effects (all of them this time) being increased by 25% so that they’re much more affected by their surroundings. A messy or cramped area will quickly upset a luxuriant hearthling, but a fancy piece of furniture will likewise have a larger impact on their mood and they’ll quickly recover from life’s ills if they get to relax in a well-appointed room, or enjoy the sun on their face.

The gameplay effect of these traits is that ascetics will do better in the early game, and in any role where they’re likely to encounter mess (workers, mining classes); while luxuriant hearthlings will overall be quite happy if they’re able to stay within the comforts of town.


My vision was very much that while these nobles are spoiled, they do still understand they are joining an Outpost in the middle or nowhere and will have to do work. This is why they’re happy to be Cooks, blacksmiths and Mason’s. It’s just outside dirty jobs that are one step too far