[MOD] Kaimonkey's Traits Version 3 -- Now with Pacifists, Barbarians and more!


I will absolutely be using this mod in my next series of StoneHearth!

Now only to find other mods to use…


I personally cant wait to see more added to this mod, it fits perfectly


This is incorrect, gear scales to the hearthling. There is a scale command ( 0.1 = 100% of normal size)
You can even make more detailed models and scale them down to be stonehearth sized again.

Weapons don’t though, but with a slight size difference this doesn’t matter.

FOR examples see my nordlingmod, both the town flags and the einherjar have the scale command.


Sorry I should have put more detail in what I meant. i dont believe scaling the model up in size would look very good but a custom model made to look bigger might look nice. Doing that how ever would make all armor not compatible


I can speak from experience when I say, scaling up still looks good up to size 0.107 (so 7% larger) it’s still noticeable, but they still barely-fit in default sized beds and doors


I have another sneak peak for what’s coming in version 3! :merry:



Edit: I’m going to bed, but someone remind me to fix the typo in shown the screenshot before release


I’m impressed with the creativity here :slight_smile: It is way more than the usual “let it raise this stat a little” .


It’s pretty normal in Stonehearth for bigger creatures and objects to not be more detailed (giant zombies are just regular zombies scaled up), so I’m inclined to believe @Wouter_Sikkema that just slightly larger Hearthlings would look alright.

Of course, it’s @kaimonkey’s decision of whether or not to try it out, but I’d definitely like to see!


Honestly the main reason I’m hesitant is that I can’t think of a good icon nor game mechanic. :sweat_smile:

As @BrunoSupremo said, so far most of these have more than just a bonus to a few stats… I shall continue to ponder :blush:


Hey Kaimonkey, I’ve browsed the Steam Workshop and it appears you are the only person to upload a traits mod. I was wondering if you have considered a possible guide explaining the basics of the code of this for anyone with a mind to do something similar? (I’m a big fan of your work, but I promise I’m not trying to plagiarize it or anything :wink: ). I’ve left this message on the Steam page as well. Thanks!


I do love the half-breed traits. Can we see a half-troll next?


Hi Mystic,

I’m not sure exactly how I’d go about doing that. Honestly. There’s bunch of small skills used, mostly in the form of digging through the existing code looking for what’s possible and how the whole game works. Then there’s a few special things (using something called monkey patching to get arround limitations) and Photoshop/voxel editors work to follow radiants art asset guide lines.

If you come from a coding background, I suggest you open up my code in your favourite text editor and start digging around, as well as digging arround the stonehearth/data/traits folder

If you have any specific questions at all (Mystic or anyone else), just send me a PM and I will do my best to help you


Thank you for the response. I do have a general understanding of code, so I can see that there would be difficulty in a straightforward tutorial. Keep doing what you’re doing though, I’m excited to see this mod grow!


Website download please?


Excuse me? Are you asking for the workshop link? Or for a non-steam download link?


If I were to guess, they were asking for a download to be posted here, for people who don’t use Steam.


I asked if you could please put a non-steam download link on here.

Sorry for my English


Here is another version 3 preview! The hardest thing of this one was to get Knights to not show up on the promotion chart, something I will be using more very soon!

Unique Armor Preview


Basically a glass cannon


“pacifist” is very unhappy when engaged in a fight and will do less damage the more unhappy they are.