[MOD] Kaimonkey's Traits Version 3 -- Now with Pacifists, Barbarians and more!


So we will have a separate white hair color from the platinum one :slight_smile:?
I don’t know why, I find red eyes with white hair rather beautiful…

This hit me close to heart eyes.


I have a few white based hair color maps tucked away somewhere :smiley:


Thanks for the inspiration guys!
Have one more little preview for before I go off to bed!


I do not consider myself an artist, so you guys need to let me know if my attempts at creating original assets are below acceptable levels :merry::sweat_smile:


Perhaps we could have a douchbag trait that wears black sunglasses? xD


That picture is perfect.


I love them, although these look like reading glasses IMO. It’s probably because of the half-rim, it makes them look more delicate and decorative, almost like a grandparent or professor. For day-to-day wear, a set of chunkier/more modern “full” glasses might look more functional and less decorative. The sort of glasses you’d wear any time of day, not just while sitting around the campfire/working up close.


Two ideas:
Battle-hardened (give them an eyepatch) Basicly the same idea as your scar. Just with an eyepatch.

And one inspired by munskin of all things:
Really Impressive Title.
Not better at anything. Think of it like the really impressive beard. But sans the beard.


This is great! :slight_smile:

Two ideas to add to the mix.
Vengeful and fearful.
When a hearthling is killed or knocked unconscious there is a chance that other hearthlings that are close by become either vengeful or fearful.
If vengeful then they will hit harder and have more courage when fighting the type of enemy that hurt their friend.
If fearful then they are the complete opposite of the vengeful one.
A hearthling that was knocked unconscious could also get one of the traits when waking up or they could have it when they join your town, aimed at a random enemy type.

It would be nice to have a similar thing for a specific enemy, but… that might be easier to add as a trait/buff to the enemy when it knocks someone out. Like a nemesis trait. I would still like different hearthlings to react differently to the nemesis. Some vengeful and some fearful. Maybe if they have 4-6 in spirit they act vengeful and otherwise fearful.


Wouldn’t it be possible to remove facial hair for the Goblin trait? These teeth are a must-see, I don’t want them covered.


It absolutely is, I just quite like the look of look of bearded goblins to keep them looking too similar :sweat_smile:

Will give it some thought!


Okay, I am proud to announce the third trait in the pack! The favoured soul!


This hearthling joins the town already as a level one cleric, and comes with a unique staff and a recolored outfit! This custom equipment is slightly weaker (in armor, healing and offence) than a standard cleric’s, but as the divine soul’s powers come not through study, but through holy destiny, they have no need to train through 2 levels of herbalist and then build a tome. This even allows you to embark with a cleric which shakes up the early game a bit!

Images (For some reason the image gallery option didn't work for me)



I am proud to announce my mod is now available on steam

I look forward to hearing any feed back, or suggestions for more traits!

I thought you were right, so I decided to role with it and create the “Wizened” trait!


already having fun with this mod lol

You should add a monster slayer trait.Gains bonuses from slaying nonhuman but takes debuffs from being around half goblins and other half humans.


Hey guys!

Version 2 is now out, with two more traits: Noble and Jack of all Trades!

This hearthling will be extremely unhappy if they are a farmer, worker, footman, shepard or trapper. They do, however, join the town with 300 gold coins. They also have a stylish tiara or monocle

Jack of all Trades
This hearthling games five times more XP when under level 3, but gains XP painfully slowly after this point. Make the most of a Jack of all Trades by having them at level 3 in as many classes as possible, and promote them to suit each situation as they come up! This is the only trait in this pack that does not come with a cosmetic element



Love this


That monocle is the best thing ever.


not sure if this is a good suggestion but hey why not…?


This hearthling is bigger than your average hearthling.
This trait would give the hearthling a bonus +2 to the Body stat, extra Stamina and damage but needs more food to eat moves slightly slower as a result.


The main issue light be that you cant change the character models. if you do your run into the issue of no gear fitting them.


What about a giant heritage then? where they aren’t giant themselves but being half giant blooded make them have the giants strengths and flaws?


That would work, similar to the half goblin. I would like to see more half breed hearthling types.