Minecraft Server - Glowstonehearth


jep sorry guys, somehow the upgrade did overwrite the whitelist file and it was blank. glad i had a backup and it should be all fine now. so try to log and craft on folks! :smiley: :beers:

@PersonHouse you’re listed now, enjoy crafting!

Minecraft meet up!

ranaohtar is requesting to be whitelisted once again! Also, thanks for all you hard work that you put into the server, it is very much appreciated!


White-list me again plz :slight_smile:

IGN: Zzyzx101


Thanks a lot, Pepe! I will make sure to burn the world down! =D


My in game name is freezeoff. I would like to play with my friends duwagy, partymaster, and Iceguy69.


My Friend Tabaris seems to be no longer whitelisted, could you please re-add him.


@Zzyzx101 you’re on the list again, hope you can log in now.
@freezeoff welcome on board, you’re whitelisted. have fun!
@Amlin @Heilari strange…Tabaris and ranaohtar are still on the list, can they check if they are running the 1.7.2 client and if a log in is possible now? let me know if they still doesn’t have access.


Thanks @Pepe
Can you white-list my friend
IGN: DrGoliath


After playing around with it for a while, the problem has been fixed. Thanks @Pepe!


@SirCamOfRon do you still play? And if you do need/need help with anything?


Might join in again in a week or two. Finals and such.

Finals have never really hindered me from playing, but the 400+ point packets of work, due within 3 day of being assigned, usually eat up my afternoons/evenings/nights/earlymornings.


@Zzyzx101 your friend is whitelisted. cheers

also there was a request of respawning the ender dragon from times to times just for the fun… what do you guys think?


No. Please no. I like the end and that would make it impossible to navigate, I’d never be able to build an end base or anything.


Maybe if it were a second end to do it in n such?


But if you does that i aren’t the only one who owns a dragon egg :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry guys i doesn’t play much by the time but exams are coming up :frowning:


I logged on today and found my inventory empty. I don’t care that much I didn’t have anything valuable, just thought I would report it


I can confirm inventory screwing up, it reset to the basic stone tools kit. Luckily I don’t think I’ve lost anything important, it’s been a bit since I was last on though so I might’ve forgotten something.


Hi there stonehearth buddies! Whitelist request pl0x

Minecraft name: Jonathan_DB

Look forward to seeing you all in the server and going on adventures!


Oh no! My gold encrusted diamond pic with complementary bling!!!


i lost a silk touch pick, and a efficiency 4 unbreaking 2 work pick. :frowning: