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I am looking for a server, not any of the current servers, but A NEW server, whitelisted, I need a team partner, to help me make a server. A new fresh server, please. Thanks ~ Fume_Gaz P.S anyone who says rude comments will be deleted.

Well, first of all, if you want to run a fairly sized Server, you’re going to need a Provider and some money. Ask @Alfie for help, he runs the Starbound Server. You could also ask @Pepe, who I think runs Glowstonehearth, the current MC Server.

hey there @YoahLow… welcome aboard! :smile:

i believe @EpicDwarf is correct… either of those two folks could lend a hand with setting up a sever (or at least, point you in the right direction)…

are you looking to manage this yourself, or have someone set this up for you?

Setting up a server is easy, all you need to do is port forward minecraft
(all routers are different, google is your friend here)
Then you download the actual server from minecraft.net, and run the executable jar they give you

after that, you give anybody you want to connect your IP address

And they can connect to you
If you want to edit java runtime commands or change its ram, thats a bit move complicated
you will need to make a .bat file with this
`java.exe -Xms1048M -Xmx2048M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui`
save that as run.bat in the same folder as the server jar

Edit the “Xms1048M and -Xmx2048M” to your prefered amount of megabytes, Xms is min Xmx is max

After that just run the .bat file and the server will launch, and if everything went according to plan it will open up a command promt with the server console and your friends can connect

Hope this helps, if it doesnt well… i apologise

EDIT: Also, this site is helpful Tutorials/Setting up a server – Official Minecraft Wiki

EDIT2: If you are looking for someone to set this up for you, i can… Even run it…

someone setting it up for me, by the way, I heard about this website, by a cool live streamer. I really appreciate the warm welcome, also… When I got on the new minecraft server people kept harrassing me…so I just left. I can manage it, but I REALLY want someone helping me.

Let me think about it, I will post back soon

okay, just let me know and i would be happy to set it up

I haven’t ran a Server before, I just know the basics of it, but I think you need a Console of some sort like a Server Desktop if I’m correct, right?

By default it runs through the computers Command Promt

Ah yes, do you have to keep the Command Prompt and the PC on constantly just to operate the Server correctly, and do you have to insert Commands to control the Server?

Computer needs to stay on but can go into sleep mode, and yes command promt must stay on

And you just enter them into the promt, it sends them to the server

So, if you shutdown the PC, the whole Server shuts down?

And,what commands do you have to input into the Prompt.

Yes it does… let me see if i can find a list of multiplayer commands

It can go into sleep mode just as well as it can shut down - as soon as the OS isn’t active anymore, nobody can connect and unless you’ve set up some wake system, nobody can wake the system up again.

If you are looking for a 24/7 server, you’ll need a hoster for such a thing unless you want to do it on your own computer/a computer in your house. Hosters, either dedicated MC hosters which do most of the work for you, or vServers where you need to setup and maintain everything yourself, aren’t cheap however. We’re talking about $10+ per month for a halfway decent one that is capable of running MC.

If you have never touched Linux before (if we’re talking Windows, add another $10/month), chances are that you are going to be… overwhelmed with it. While Minecraft servers themselves are not that difficult to install nor maintain (unless you want some sophisticated backup system/donations/databases/what not), the vServer itself is.

So, in the end, you’re best off looking for someone who has experience in such a thing or you’ll need to get yourself a Minecraft hoster. I’m sure there’s hundreds (if not thousands) out there. I guess Minecraft’s own realms thing would be one thing and Creeperhost has some offers too.

With all due respect @YoahLow , if you’re just looking for general Minecraft server help you might be best heading to anywhere specifically focussed on Minecraft servers:




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I ran the Starbound server. Also I can help set up a Minecraft server, as I have loads of experience in doing so. :smile:

Thanks, EVERYONE. With the success of Alfie’s Starbound Server, I am picking him, yet the discussion is not yet over.

Alfie, What do I do about setting updates, i.e – 1.7.4 how do I change the update? and Do you have a steam? If you do please tell me, my steam name is kire_36 what is yours?

I just got banned from the new minecraft server for NO reason…???

To change the version (I’m assuming you mean version, not update), you need to download that version’s server files. If you want to have easy access, I recommend downloading Spigot or Bukkit, as they have an entire list of files for each Minecraft update.