PVP/multiplayer servers?


Can we make our servers? I was hoping we can host like a 20-30 people servers, or even more… XD. And do like a really massive battle on the servers. Starcraft and Command & Conquer style…make your allies and kill the enemies. Real time battle action, burn your enemy’s cities to ash and conquer the world. rawr!

Are we going to get any of these stuff in game? :smiley:


thats a bit far fetched dont you think?


Yes, you can host your own servers, and pick whatever mods you want to be hosted on those servers.

Anyone connecting will download the mods you use, and no other mods are allowed


I would assume, give what has been said about servers (spiku was correct), that the number of people depends on A: The demands of that many people at once, and B: What kind of hardware you are running. Somehow in a game like this, I feel like 20-30 people would be a massive amount, and you might not be able to supply the hardware to run a server with that much going on.


I think 5-10 would be a good point. But anything more than that would be hectic and probably kill whatever server you’re hosting on. Also the fact that the game will be moving even while your offline, you’d probably die easily to the randomly wandering Titan. But it will be fun even if you die.


I could see MP being more like Anno2070 then Minecraft. More LAN/Friends based, everyone is on or no one is on, that way one person cant kill everyone else while they are away.


True, but in minecraft, some server with like 200+ players and at least 10 mods running. Still running very smooth. So I don’t think it will be that bad for a 50ish people server.


Depends on how much money you want to throw at it.

EVE Online has 8 * 3.3ghz Intel Wolfdale Blades servers to handle 1.5 millions players.
Neverwinter Nights (2009) servers were usually limited to 64 players at any one time.
You can rent a minecraft server for 4 players at around $7 a month.


The server I develop for can hold upwards of 500 players (as many as we have tested) off of a quad core 2.4ghz and 16gb of RAM (and datacenter level internet). I havent tested it, but we have also never had any problems of our similiar FTB ultimate server (giant minecraft modpack). It really depends on how airtight the devs code this thing :stuck_out_tongue: The beta could be like beta minecraft, where you needed ungodly overpowered computers because of the massive memory leaks and processing black holes.