My minecraft mod

so lets get to it,first of all I am a 14 year old programmer who has been coding for about 1 year and have finally decided to start a semi big project. I am pretty good with java and c++ and I am trying to get into mc programming,I am also trying to learn lua in anticipation of stonehearth(but not my top priority).
so after about 2 weeks of sitting down and watching tons of tutorials and making my own mod I feel I have come quite far.But having said this there are lots of things in my mod I would love help on.For example I got this fire dungeon to spawn around the world but I have no idea how to fill the chests with loot or make the spawners not spawn pigs.I will try to get some pics of my code and the mod in game but I am on my laptop not my desktop and I am having trouble getting eclipse to pick up where I left off.So long story short help please if you are good at mc modding.
-sorry if my wall of text is unorganized :slight_smile:

just to be sure, you’re looking for help with Lua programming, as it pertains to creating your minecraft mod… yes? :smiley:

I think he means Java. You can’t use lua to make minecraft mods.

aye, but i thought he might be referring to computercraft

If the case is that you need help making a mod, go to Minecraft Forum you may have a better chance of getting help there.

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The thing is that when ever I try to post on mc forums it says I don’t have permission,I have created 3 accounts and it never works.i have also tried from many different coms:(

Some forum sections require you to have more than 12 posts in order to post in them. That is probably the problem.

ok thanks I will try that out :wink: