Learning to Programme with Lua

Okay, so I need some help.

I am uber excited about Stonehearth and love how moddable it’s all going to be. And of course, what’s the point in it being moddable if I’m not going to abuse it? Now, it’s 5 months 'til the beta. Gah. But that does give me some time. You see I am keen on becoming a programmer. But at the moment, I can’t really programme and until Stonehearth came along I had not even heard of Lua. I am only 15 :cry:. But as I said, I am uber keen on programming and would love to actually be able to mod Stonehearth.

So what I’m asking for is anyone who could help me. Where do I start? Should I learn another language first? Is Lua just too hard of a language for me to be beginning with? After all I’ve only done stuff in Scratch. Yeah :thumbsup:. I’ve roamed the forums and entered the Bitcave but it was a bit too advanced for me. Maybe one day I’ll belong.

So what these rambling paragraphs all amount to is, can anybody help me to learn Lua?

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