New C++ Programmer Needing Help

Little Bio real quick:

I am a College Student going for Video Game Programming. I am in my second year of College and from the second I saw StoneHearth I wanted to play it. After playing 30 hours straight I am interested in Programming a few things for StoneHearth. This would be a great opportunity for me to start programming a game I actually enjoy and I want to help improve it. However, I have no experience in Java or Lua {and honestly when my friend told me about Lua in the Game he is playing/Scripting i Laughed at him and now look at me}.

Is there anyone who can help me get my Foot in the Door on programming StoneHearth using C++. (Yes i could Learn Lua and it would only take me a month to get the ups and downs of all of it, but i enjoy C++, also LUA looks ugly compared to C++).

Like for example what do i need to do to get the Directory pulled up into Visual Studios where i can see the values and coding that StoneHearth already has?

I read you can Cross over C++ and LUA and am interested in doing so. I have seen people help each other in coding and I too want to be a part of that community. Us Hearthers making a difference!

Thank you all So So much! ~Roker~