Starting out with coding

What do you guys suggest I start with to learn how to code?

Well, what do you generally want to make? It could be Apps, Games, Etc.

Check out these threads and possibly a few others, but what @EpicDwarf said it really depends on what your looking for.

I’d say you could follow online tutorials on what you want to do, but with this I assume it’s to do with your mod concept. I don’t know any of the coding languages that Stonehearth uses, but I’m learning the languages that I do fiddle with simply by creating my mods.

So, here are my two ways of learning a language:

  • Follow guides, book, tutorials, or any other medium that interests you enough for you to follow.


  • Learn languages as you go! Start off with basics, and then learn new tricks as and when you need them.

Also, @EpicDwarf is right. I’m just assuming you’re talking about modding, but in reality it could be anything.

thanks for the feedback and links folks… @sw0rdnshadow1, here’s another one you might want to check out:

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good luck, and have fun! :+1:

If you’re looking for just general coding, I’ve had a lot of luck with code academy, which is totally free and let’s you code and run snippets right in your browser. The community there is also very friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have.

G’luck! :computer: