I need help, or hello world!

Hello everybody, i need help or ansers to my questions

  1. what i need to craft myselfs mods for Stonehearth
  2. need i learn Lua or eny programming language? (so can you give me books or lessons to learn)
    my english ver bad, so sorry for any mistakes, grammaror sintaksis
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Greetings and welcome :slight_smile:

In simple terms, you don’t need much to get started with SH modding :slight_smile:

A good answer for question number one is probably the official modding guide:
If english is not your language, then you might have to translate some of it and such, but it is generally a very good reference for getting started!

As for answer number 2:
Yes and no. Stonehearth uses LUA for its complex logic, for creating new mechanics, etc… But if your modding intentions are not that, and all you want to do is create new stuff with existing logic (new armor, new weapons, new furniture, kingdoms, jobs, hairstyles, etc…) then no, you don’t need LUA (or just very simple/basic LUA)

A great way to learn is looking into other mods as well! :slight_smile:
Look for mods that do things that you like - or things you want to do - download, open them and take a look! Soon you’ll start understanding how to do things!

And finally, if you want a community to be part of and maybe find someone that speaks your language and can help you understand these things better (or just generally want help modding and so on), I recommend you to join our ACE discord server! While focused around the ACE mod, all Stonehearth players as a whole are welcome :jubilant: we have specific channels for talking about making mods, asking for help, etc… :smiley:

Here’s a handy link:

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