Learning how to mod Stonehearth

I knwo that stonehearth is not out yet, but i would really like to know how to mod the game, and this requires knowing how to “code” i LUA, JavaScript, Ember and Handlebars(Please tell me if there are any more).
So i thought it would be a nice idea to have a place to go to and find material to learn these languages.

This topic should act like a place to come for tutorial and guides on these languages.
Difficulty throughout:
:green_book:= easy
:blue_book: = medium
:orange_book: = hard

I really hope you guys can and will contribute to the lists, so they can become long and meaty.
I know that it seems really empty at the moment but, that is because i have to learn these my self.


You might want to go here.

@SteveAdamo, I request a merger or a thread-locking, please!

Nice idea, if you continue to keep this post up-to-date :wink:. Actually there is a category in this forum called “Scripting & Code” (almost forgot about it). A first step might be to take a look on what is already mentioned there (and in other places of the forum).

@ManOfRet This does not fit completely into the BitCave-Thread, if you ask me. The BitCave is about Lua so far and (at least I see it like that) about exchange of ideas and challenging eachother… more than providing a repository. But this is just my view.


Lua (general coding):


nice compilation @neobonde , and fantastic followup @voxel_pirate

perhaps a merge of sorts is in order though… let me think upon it, while dining on pancakes for dinner!

I think i will let @SteveAdamo deicide on the future of this thread.

@voxel_pirate Should i snag the links from the discourse topics or should i like to the topics them selfs?

@neobonde Your thread, your decision… just make it nice :smile:.


Oh, nice choice, by the way, on the pancakes.

i think there is enough of a distinction here to warrant its own thread… plus, i can appreciate the effort @neobonde has put into the OP…

keep it up! :+1:

Indeed. Anyway, now that I’m done learning Lua, I’ve moved on to HTML, using codeacademy.
Thanks for the help, @neobonde!

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Here’s a great video series on EmberJS from Tuts+ Premium. It’s free:

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Thought i would revamp the design of this Topic :smile:


you sir, just earned yourself another shiney new “like”… well done… :wink:

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Hi there!! i don’t know if this tpic it’s alive! but the compilation it’s really good and it would be a shame that all of this doesn’t get updated with all the new mod thing that the pople it’s releasing; so… it’s there any chance to see this updated to include some useful things like the info about mixintos, overrides, Manifests and other modding APIs (like Jelly from @RepeatPan for example).

Thanks for the info! i’m sure not many people knows about this :smile:


Hello there! I don’t know if this thread should be bumped but… Will there be any updates on the thread? or maybe redone? some of these things are outdated

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