Minecraft Server - Glowstonehearth


Please white list me, i am good at tedious hole digging. my name is duwagy


Oh yeah, this inspires tons of confidence! :smile:


@Jebbib @RYchessKITTIE5 @duwagy you’re whitelisted! welcome aboard & have fun on GlowStoneHearth! :earth_asia:


i would like to join the server so i can play with duwagy and RYchessKITTIE5, name is partymaster


Username is llessur if I am correct. Would like to be white listed if possible


@partymaster @Llessur you’re on the whitelist now. sorry for the long wait! have fun and see you around.


@Pepe Is there any way we can have permissions to place lava? The build I’m working on needs a lot of lava. Thanks bruh! =D


I’m agreed with @CaptainMC, would there be some way for us to place lava without removing the protections on it? I know why we can’t, but it forces some…creativity with certain builds



I’m moving on Saturday and will be back online as soon as I can! BE AFRAID! PANDEMIC IS COMING BACK!


My ingame name is Muchbug if you want to add me to the white list. I may try to get on sometime if I get some time.


My IGN is Iceguy69. I would LOVE to be Whitelisted! So I can play with Duwagy and Rychesskitties.


My Ign is… Insert Suspense here … Vaurature . And i would greatly like somewhere to build my wonderful doomsda… I mean lovely little kitten farms. Yes, thats what i was about to say.


so i hope everything is fine on the server. hadn’t have much time to craft with you guys as the development of our board game takes up all the spare time…but that’s not that bad i think. :wink: anyway let me know if you need something or have suggestions for the server.

@CaptainMC @Lomico Lava placement should be possible now! have fun turning the world into a burning hell! ;D …and sorry for the wait

@Pandemic awesome!! looking 4ward to meet you on the server sir!

@Avairian @Chree @Vaurature You’re whitelisted! welcome aboard & have fun! :smiley:


Road wise are wee looking/is it alright for there to be roads heading to and from spawn towards our builds- also as my build is around -700 and -300 away can’t remember precise coordanites does any one near there want or not want the road to pass by them you would also get a say in the style of it ect ect.
P.S. What is the world map showing because it doesn’t seem to be the world we are on or it needs to be updated as it would be nice to se a better overview of the world so that we can see where other people have built and what the terrain around and towards spawn looks like.


@Llessur the worldmap on http://mc.glowstonehearth.com:8123/ is showing first the “yet unfinished” spawn island i was working on with a few others. But you can use the sidebar on the right side to see and navigate to all the other worlds. There it is also the Survival map where you’re on. :earth_americas:


@Pepe Hey, I see the server has been upgraded to 1.7.9, and now says I’m not whitelisted. With the whole new name-change thingy going down, is it possible the whole whitelist needs to be re-done?


@Lomico hi there, yeah need to see what we need to change that the whitelist is working again. i just did downgrade the server back to 1.7.2 for now, so you should be able to log in again. :thumbsup:


After the downgrade to 1.7.2 it is still not letting me log in. Its saying i need to be white-listed again.


yeah I am not whitelisted anymore either.


IGN is PersonHouse and I would like to join the server to play with a couple of friends who have been playing on the server for a while.