Minecraft Server - Glowstonehearth


I really wish I could be on more, sadly I am still having internet issues and I’ve been playing from a coffee shop *(not exacly my first choice of location)
I have only built my house and started a field but aside from that not much has been done. i would love to help you out with spawn island, hopefully I can figure out the issues before it’s done


As the Volunteer Groundskeeper of Spawn…


I’ve had to clean up old creeper blasts, fix the light posts, get rid of half cut down trees (finish what you started), and re-plow half the crops!

I ask kindly that you clean up after yourselves.

With some contempt
-The Herbalist

P.S. I will fully fill the creeper holes when dirt is available, also the Spawn Inn is still missing the piston tables.

P.P.S. Remove the spawn protection, all it does is keep me from fixing the land.


Please White List me my in game name is minecraftguy9856


Hey guys, what did I miss?
Can I be whitelisted on the server? George_boff


I’ve whitelisted @Jeff and @George_boff. Sorry for the wait!


Thanks. I don’t think 26 minutes is really a wait though :stuck_out_tongue:


@Pepe do you need me to do some more work with the trees or are you done using them? i have been a tad busy lately :frowning:


Could you white list my friend steak6? Thanks!


And I have a friend as well by the name of Sour_Cream123 who seeks a white listing.


I would love to play with the community on this server! IGN: emanf9


So… every time I get hit and go airborne the server kicks me for flying… help?


Can anyone remember the coordinates for the end portal? I’ve forgotten and it would really be quite useful.


x -1143 z 585 :smiley:

also i am not going to be in very much the next span of time. I’m going to a SVS con in Denmark and then the exams are starting at my school :frowning:


and when I get some free time over the weekend we should finally get a nether hub that goes somewhere. Alternatively my plan to poke stonehearth modding briefly gets out of hand and I focus on that, good either way really.


If anyone needs food I have enough bread to feed a small army.


i want to be part of the fun :frowning:


mind adding CYberr0ck? :smiley:


Hi all! srry for the lack of updates and whitlisting… was in Venice with the family and have lots of work at the office.
well it seems somehow the ingame money is acting weird… so as long as we don’t have an working economy and public chest shops i think best would be to turn off money. is anyone having a problem with this?

@Pandemic oh crap, sounds not good but no worries you’ll be able to help us with the spawn for sure even if it takes some time till u are back online. I’ve teamed up with @George_boff & @GeorgeCrecy to start building on the spawn some infrastructure like paths & bridges. would be great if you can join us soon to build a village, market and other fancy stuff together.

@George_boff @GeorgeCrecy great buildings so far on the spawn island you two! keep up the great work and feel free to just build further. the only thing i would suggest is that we keep the roof materials to some few woods or stones so the overall look from above is not that cluttered in the end

@Alfie how’s going? still any plans to write on the custom faction plugin? this would be so awesome! …otherwise we should switch to a basic permission/faction plugin for now.

@naturalnuke thanks for cleaning up spawn. I’ll clear protection and will set up a portal to the multiverse hub soon.

@thorbjorn42gbf thanks all fine, for now tree planting is done on the spawn island.

@HyperDioxide @jollins @emanf9 @GeorgeCrecy @Nicedude80 you or your friends are whitelisted! welcome aboard and have fun!


how did you whitelist me without my mc id? in jollins_cohn btw :slight_smile:


I suggest switching to something like Towny or Factions for now. I’m currently working on a much larger project on Minecraft, which is taking up a lot of my time.