Minecraft Server - Glowstonehearth


Or maybe both? We can encourage larger kingdoms to use Towny, and smaller settlements to use Factions.


That seems like a mess waiting to happen using two systems for basically the same thing. Assuming there’s no conflicts in the first place it completely goes against the anti-complexity sentiment, strongly suggest going for just one solution no matter what solution you go for. Besides you have to remember that you’d have to develop all your custom stuff twice which could be annoying as well along with everything else that could be doubled.


For a long time on various other servers I have been a part of, notably Minecraft Center, I have used factions. It is a very good plugin, and one that offers many benefits to anyone who uses them, whether they are but one man, or if they are of many members. In terms of the worry of there being many one man factions, that is a simple manner - do not allow the plugin to accept one man factions. Have a grace period of a single day before a faction is deleted if they go below three or so people.
At the same time, Towny is also a dependable and long-standing plugin. It can also be noted that the above mentioned server is very soon going to be switching to Towny. One of the main down-points of it is how dependant it is on chunks, and how players wanting their own buildings and all that are rather limited to square builds within chunks, in comparison to Factions where you simply claim the land for the faction no matter how wacky the build. This does mean that there is only a little privacy within a faction, but that is already solved in terms of door and chest locks already in place.

Finally, I realised two very nice plugins that might be implemented on the server. These plugins are the Portecoullisante and Retractable Bridge plugins, both by Captain_Chaos. They are incredible plugins and also are completely vanilla more so. They do not even require additional commands.

My two cents! :smile:


Gods can also be a big help with factions and such…


It seems everyone wants factions…Will The Dwarf Republic which once dominated the Windshield server be reborn?


I really belived people hade a understanding of private farms and that you dont harvest them without asking first…


Did they replant? I hope they at least could do that much…


Well, yeah they did. the whole insident have forced my to put up some signs thoo…


:blush: Enough Said…
(Discourse is dastardly greedy and demands more words, happy now!?)


ADMINS- flumpyjr, RAGgames, and rileydabozo, have gotten money during a glitch could you fix this?


In order to fix what they did, we’d need at least some idea of what they did.


I will… Investigate http://www.tickld.com/cdn_image_postimage/647580519a5785a6c6492823f81e9705.gif


Alright so their balances certainly do look high (like 7-9 digits high). Also I’d investigate jat as I don’t remember them being overly huge and they’re beating morea who has had a wide lead normally.


It really is odd… All i did was sell a stack of redstone and a pumpkin and it said i was in 13th place with around 2050 cash. Next day people are asking me how i got 2 million and i am very confused.


I think jats money is legit. He was in the kead vefore i and turtle worked on geting Morea on the topp


I sold pumpkins for THREE DAYS to beat them… I even gloated.


Well, the engines of capitalism are moving fast on this server!


I have setup a potion area in spawn and made a community ender chest. :smile:


Sir, Capitalism IS the engine.

Correct yourself, you would-be communist!


The Dwarves Of Geondil are sound Communists! Capitalism is another passing fad but we shall endure!