Minecraft Server - Glowstonehearth


I’ll come on and look now, I did a global rollback on all of Chad’s actions over the last week I believe, so it shouldn’t be him …

Edit: @Xavion - Jat0920 placed the blocks covering the water, I can’t find the chest that you had an emerald taken from though, you’ll have to point it out to me.


I meant a literal emerald ore block that I had sitting there until I could get my hands on a silk touch pickaxe. I prefer to collect the ores for them as they’re extremely rare - as opposed to emeralds which are extremely easy to get lots of - and I want them as decoration for one of my future build projects. I think it was just on the floor opposite the stairs on the bottom floor halfway between the pool and the backwall on the left side of the pool from the side with the stairs. I can’t hop on again for around 7hrs, easterly stuff. (Time zones are hard, tomorrow and today just have totally different meanings for me due to the large gap)

@Alfie include land protection! Un-vanilla-ness doesn’t matter (Why would with races/classes/skills/etc?)


I certainly hope this preschool level behavior won’t happen again!


Found it.

RAGgames mined the ore.

@Pepe how should we proceed?


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have posted our first picture on the Lore!

Check it out here!


Arm the nukes! Batten down the hatches!


I was thinking, we should grow out of our little stonehearth community, and suggest putting the server up on a voting site, IE Minestatus and similar, so the server can get more exposure and more people as a result


@Newf before Chad left he said this “If Newf asks who griefed him.” “Say it was Chad Conner and that he’s proud of it.”

PS. Im at you mob grinder and I dont here that annoying clicking, I think the chicken farms clock is broken.


What is Chads username?
He needs to re-rid himself of his stuff.


What do you mean? Chest protections and things? We’ll have to remove them as he’s banned.


I’ve great times to craft & play with you folks on GlowStoneHearth! so i’m working on the spawn island and hopefully i can set up the first temporary hub to the other worlds soon. will post some screenshots and description when it’s ready!

@Alfie how’s going with plugin coding? no hurry, just wanted to check.

@Pandemic i did see you were on a few times! awesome, so where did u start building? would love to have you on board with building a village for the new spawn island! u can check my progress and tp with /mwtp spawnstone. i have a vague concept in mind and a few sketches but would love hear your ideas!

@Geoffers747 thanks a bunch for the fast anti-griefing duty! i’m not sure but if i got it right it was one block? (well a pretty special one i know…) in this case a temporary ban of 24hrs should be ok… but another incident and RAGames has to leave our peaceful server!

@Heilari grrrreat lore and kewl night shot, keep up the great work!

@Inumel yeah great idea…we might do this later on but first we’ll need to have the basic stuff working, like factions, multi-worlds and land protection.


You do that during a storm, Not during a battle… -_-

Mark might have been working on it, If its broken, I blame Chad

Oh yeah, @Pepe I remembered about my ship. When will I get the creative world save?


nicedude80 I’ll play, I like vannilla


I actually kept him from going down there so I don’t think it was him

@Geoffers747 I mean his ender chest (he gave all his stuff away before leaving)

@Pepe Just keeping a list here, Plugins Requested-

ChestShops, Citizens 2, Gods.


Okay will sort it out later.


Okay guys, this might make me sound lazy or whatever, but would you like a custom system or a currently existing plugin such as Towny or Factions?

Each has it’s own benefits for me and the server itself.

Of course I’ll still make custom features, all that’ll probably make the server commands easier to use, for moderation and such. Plus, sorry for my inactivity everyone. Agrarian Skies has taken a lot of my time up, and I’m currently having more fun on it than vanilla.


Pepe, are you using the Multiverse plugin? Because I can help if you are! :smiley:


I highly suggest towny, i have been using AND moderating with it for years, i would be able to answer any questions anybody has about it. factions i would be completely and utterly useless

EDIT: I should clarify, I mean I would be useless at factions, I don’t mean factions is useless


@Geoffers747, all the chests in the outpost are locked again and i cant get into them. can you fix this?


Using an existing supported solution is pretty much always better if it suits. It has the advantage of knowing that it all works and having people who will focus on making sure it stays that way for all new versions. If something like factions does 99% of what you want then just do the 1% not the 100%, it’s not lazy to not develop everything yourself.

As for factions vs towny. It seems towny would be better for the larger kingdoms like Morea and Theramore whereas factions would be better for independents like me or lomico. Overall I’d say go for factions over towny, because it seems like it would work for groups better than towny would work for individuals. It’s up to you though.