Minecraft Server - Glowstonehearth


So I suggest you try answering my question of how it’s better? Because multiple towns can choose one leader mechanically? Because of the ability to assign plots that they can build on in that town? Because that seems to be about it to me, of course that comes with the disadvantages of a much more complex system in regards to things like taxes and whatnot and really seems to be fairly overkill like. Remember as well that one person factions will exist and they seem to be a lot worse off with towny than factions.


I enjoy towny much more. Yes, the plot system is 500* better than that of factions. especially as it seems nobody(if there are, not many) is living on their own, everybody gets their own area(if desired by the mayor or assistants), And you can turn off tax completely, if you so wish, living in town can be 100% free. Im sure factions is alright in its own rights, but in my experience towny is better


I live by myself and I know that @Smokestacks was planning to and I’m pretty sure @Newf is as well. We are there and you should not discount us, I’m pretty sure I’m easily one of the most active players on the server and why is it actually better for groups? A slightly better land management system for what purpose? So you can restrict your members to only certain areas? It really seems like overkill for us. Besides an important point in my opinion is allowing people more complexity and towny is more restricting in terminology as well, a town of one is stupid anyway and we’ll get a few of those. Factions are just better that way.


I also live alone, very very very alone…out in the wilderness, where savanah grass blows, I live with my horsy and I



@SirCamOfRon Has Block Mesa been disbanded? Or has it just moved?


We have moved as part of an effort to avoid future conflicts. Once the location has been set up, I will disclose the whereabouts.



I was bringing over an Ender Chest to find Block Mesa stripped. I feared the worst.
Meet on server it will be just us.


Okay, but only for a short time


on :no_pedestrians: :no_entry_sign:


May I suggest another plugin @Pepe? It’s the Gods bukkit plugin. I think it will be a very interesting thing


I like this except for the cursing and blessing.


I think the blessings could be cool, it gives you regen or faster digging.
The curses, meh, its a lightning strike, or a hostile mob spawn.


@Pepe please revert to the back up of April 9 around 10pm, @Newf got griefed.

PS. Chad has quit the server.


@naturalnuke @Newf sounds not good… can you provide coordinates? i will look into this later today… i will try to rollback the damage locally, so no need for a global rollback.

and nice plugin suggestion, i will check it out…


It’s fine @Pepe I rolled back the griefing.

Everything should be back to normal now @Newf.


I got griefed? How? Who? Why?


How - blocks were destroyed, lava spilt everywhere

Who - ChadConnor

Why - I believe he was quitting the server and felt the need to ruin your base.


That explains it… Thx @Geoffers747


No worries, everything should be restored, if you find something that is still horribly broken let me know!


Well it may be related but I got slightly hit. Someone blocked over the pool of water in my tower (and they shall rot in the void for that sin) and stole an emerald ore (fairly annoying), I fixed the hole pity I lost the emerald ore.