Make rabbits grow craftables

So we don’t know much about what is planed for the rabbits (or at least I don’t), but in stream 103 Tom mentioned that they don’t use metal. I like that. They are closer to nature and crafting from metal feels more industrial.

How about instead of a blacksmith they have a gardener (or something like that) that can take a sapling of a tree that is too hard for the carpenter and shape it as it grows. It would take quite a long time (the harder the tree the slower it would grow), but it wouldn’t require any resources. They might have to check on the plant several times while it grows. If they don’t, it could grow wrong and become unusable.
Since we find the rabbit’s stone statues we can assume that they have stonemasons.
The gardener could of course replace the carpenter too, or at least make it optional. Maybe they prefer gardening (debuff to morale from carpenter items or something) because they feel it’s wrong to take a tree that was destined to be a tree and make things out of it.
Plants with thorns might not be the strongest, but as armour and fences it could have a chance to deal damage to melee attackers.
It would be cool to grow buildings and fortifications too.
Don’t know if it should be a type of magic. It depends. If you want to make swords or other things with sharp edges it might have to be.

Name suggestions: gardener, plant/tree whisperer, plant/tree singer, plant/tree bender (though bending feel like enslaving instead of respecting the trees).

I just want to see a sprinting and jumping bunny in dark, ebony armour, wielding a dark, ebony sword. What’s wrong with that?!