The weapons of the rabbits

Im just wondering what the weapons of the rabbits will be to defend off orcs and goblins. will they be ragged steel curved weapons or will they be more missile weapon like bows or some other weapon

Well, we haven’t heard much about lagomorphic weaponry.

I can’t remember if @Tom likened them to the ‘monk’ class where they’d be proficient in martial arts and things like that … but it would sit well with me if they are.

Whatever weaponry they have access to it would seem fitting that it’s sleek, maneuverable,quick; that it reflects the nature of rabbits I suppose - I don’t really see them wielding longswords or warhammers.

Im thinking them being these light armoured archers and then instead of spears bos/staffs and then for swords maybe arakhs but all of them very low armoured but quick



OK, now back on topic. I think @Geoffers747’s idea that the lagomorphs should be proficient in martial arts is a good idea.

I agree. I think it’s somewhat suitable that the lagomorphs are masters of martial arts.

Personally i would love to see a “carrot of doom” special weapon

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Being vegan herbivores I don’t think Rabbits should use fire or metal bladed weapons. Would be awesome if their ranged weapon was a boomerang. And their close combat weapons were things they had actually grown like knotted clubs, quarterstaffs, and obsidian bladed wooden swords like the Aztec macuahuitl.

Also have them be beekeepers, and use glowbug or firefly lanterns instead of actual fire. So their “hearth” would be a stone lantern on a circular base half filled with water, fireflies or glowbugs inside.


first of all, welcome aboard! :smile:

loving this as well… the visuals for this would look slick, and fit very well in the SH design/environments… :+1:

Thanks, glad that someone likes the idea!