We could use some Model Variants for the Rabbits

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SO i’ve been playing around with the new version a bit ago, and i’ll have some other post regarding the traits and such later after i play it a bit further, but so far i’m enjoying it a lot! with all the variations and hastles it brings

but this post is here to suggest a veeery small suggestion in esthetics and visuals
THE RABBITS (dun dun uuuun)

So i rarely make a rabbit pasture when i get the shepherd since i find it a little tedious to butcher the rabbits individually for the meat and leather, since those two are obtainable via the trapper, but it does save one Hearthling for not being the Trapper which i found became quite a big part after we have Traits since some Hearthlings you REEEALY want to be a soldier or crafter might need to be wasted to have a trapper

but getting out of track here

first, lets look at the Poyo’s

okay, pretty standard i guess, they are Poyo’s after-all nothing seems out of place exept that i was too lazy to place a fence around

Now lets take a look at the Rabbits

okay Symbol, what’s wrong?, they’re rabbits.

well, they are, but notice that they only have One model variant? the light brown?
it’s fine and all, since they are just pasture animals, but compared to the Poyos, they look so… Bland.

that pasture’s cap is 25, and it was full once, and it was more ‘Ugly’ than ‘normal’

because it’s true that those environments would probably result in a single toned species of Rabbit, but come-on, it would be so much prettier with a few more color variants, and i can’t see why not? since the Poyo’s have three (four if you count the chick) variants, and adding one doesn’t SEEM like too much of work (emphasis of SEEMs since i could be wrong here)

it’s no high priority thing or anything like that, but i figured it was a small enough suggestion to just put out there for someone like @Allie or @malley

okay i think i had enough talk about the color variants of a rabbit here

Symbol Out!


I tried making one with different colors, but I failed so hard lol

I wonder if there will be a custom rabbit for the deserts. (poyo, fox and varanus have desert skins)


I read it as desserts… :jubilant: Better get that cook some new recipes haha…


Not a bad point, it would probably be easy enough to do. I imagine it wasn’t done because there are lots of rabbit variants - as racoons, squirrels, and foxes - Tom prolly just didn’t think about having colors of them as well. [quote=“BrunoSupremo, post:2, topic:29255”]
I wonder if there will be a custom rabbit for the deserts. (poyo, fox and varanus have desert skins)

I think Allie made a desert rabbit already but they aren’t implemented? I’m not sure. @Allie do you remember? I do remember we stopped implementing desert creatures just because it stopped being a priority.

We haven’t done these types of things mainly because we are so busy doing other things : /. Currently I’m working on getting scaling to work (its so annoying!), and also working on a new conversation design doc (my first design doc! richard’s hands are full so I’m helping out) to breathe some more life into conversations. And after that, I think more conversation animations will take precedence. Its kind of the bane of existence for a dev, there is always more to do : (. Its also the reason I have a job though, so I can’t complain too much ; P.


yeesh, that’s lot of work!

well i guess it’s a good sign for us! that means more goodies!

on a little other note

this is a field full of rabbits(25)
Also noticing that thay look a lot like flee’s from a distance, because… y’know, Rabbits don’t Actually jump for every movement, they kinda… take a very long step