Maintain Gathering

So the crafters can maintain Items, and much the same, I think the workers should have their own version.

I would like to suggest an alternate gather button that identifies replenishing nodes like berry bushes so that the workers will go collect them after they replinish without the player having to reselect them all over again.


hey there @Scojo, welcome to the discourse :smile:

definitely a good suggestion, i believe it has actually been suggested before, give me a moment to find/merge.


hmm… i can’t seem to find it, @Relyss or @jomaxro can either of you find the thread i’m talking about?

I suggested that in a big group of suggestions here: List of Random Suggestions - Wish List

facepalm dude, sorry but you got a big thread talking about everything, if crabs merges every new thread we’ll end up merging the suggestion thread into your wishlist. try to join big threads which talk about one topic.
want to talk about furniture, join mine:
want to talk about combat and trainging dummies:
just examples for few older threads…

for older members (and even iam pretty new) it’s a bit annoying to see the same topics and ideas to pop up…
did anyone notice the newcomer wave? O_O

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I couldn’t find it either, so I just went ahead and made a post.


Yes, I’m sorry about my post being a conglomeration of tons of ideas. I also wasn’t suggesting that this post be combined with mine, just saying I had some thoughts on it as well.

Going back to this topic - I do think this could work out well as a new designated zone type which automatically toggles a plant to harvest whenever it is ready to be.

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