Ability to control harvest areas

I know this is probably asking something thats probably crazy to add in the game but I had a thought while playing through Stonehearth. Could we set up zones of harvest, Like a mining zone or a tree area, so that if hearthlings need that resource they would go over there and gather the resource without the assistance of a player. Of corse you would put down a zone around these areas and then designate it as a go to as needed resource level. I seem to run into the issue a few times where hearthlings get stuck without having enough wood or stone etc for the crafting thing they need. Would it be possible to impliment something like this? It doesn’t just have to be those two as well if it can be expanded deeper into the game mechanics like digging for clay or harvesting berries from bushes if food is needed?

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When we grow seeds we have to place them.
Maybe define a " forest " area when the hearthlings grow the trees they prepared and use them as a reserve when needed ? :evergreen_tree:

I think the tough task is to define " when needed " to an hearthlings ? Maybe by maintain a certain number of logs ?

For the mining area I don’t really see how to do so :confused:

Same thing as I was saying, set it up as like “I need this item from mining.” Goes to the mining zone and mines the area until the item is found. Takes it back to complete the item or building. It just seems hearthlings gets so stuck on where to go or do when an item runs out and requires the player input to complete it, which isn’t an awful thing just tough when you have to juggle 20 crafts at the same time.

So the mining area would have to maintain a certain amount of “gold, silver, rock, coal, etc…”. But if the area doesn’t get the amount a specified item ?

Then it could kick back an error message to the player via the bulletins saying that they have run out of X to make Y. It would just give the player a heads up basically saying that it just needs to be either put in another area as they did not get the item they needed and need to keep looking.

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This system will also need to have an auto-notification system for stuck hearthlings (or maybe a really big speech bubble, as in shouting “im stuck”). If the idea is to not worry about the hearthlings getting the resources, then you as the player will probably not be keeping an eye, if hearthlings have mined themselves into a corner.

This is true but that is also been the issue with building as well where hearthlings get stuck in some way and the only way you get notified is of them starving or losing health. It would be something nice to have as well.

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