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Composting isn’t working for me - I have rotten things in the stockpiles but it’s not showing in the crafting menu that they are there

I haven’t tested the mod with A23, something might have changed. Will look into it once I get my current computer issues resolved (think one of my driver updates went awry)

What version are you using? A23 stable, or the current unstable?

I’m using A23 stable - I found I can’t use the mods I love on the unstable build lol

I can’t select stone for my roads it works for all other building parts tho

I just updated from your Floorcolors to buildingscolors<

Only seems to affect a game that previously used floorcolors a new one i don’t see any problems :slight_smile: so i revert back to floorcolors and use this mod for a new town instead

Ah, it’s probably an issue with how one handles the building data information vs the other;
I’m in the process of updating the building mods now, as they’re not technically for A23, and I’m splitting them into separate mods (one for colors, one for new materials; possibly compost off into its own)

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Woops, didn’t realize I deleted my last post (I was in a bit of a haze yesterday from sleep deprivation and the tail end of a nasty head cold);

For now, I’m dropping the extra resources (painted wood, polished stone, etc) and just merging those colors into the existing color palettes. I’ll also attach my extended terrain colors for mod biomes into clay resource (note: clay, not clay bricks). I’m also dropping the composting for the moment.

I’ll re-address these elements in a future update; I do want to do more with the builder, but I’d rather hold off on having too much to have to overhaul when the new builder becomes available.

Building Colors mod now updated for Alpha 23

  • Internal named changed to cattect_colors
  • Additional materials all temporarily removed
  • New addition of Clay as building material, for my extended mod Terrain colour palette
  • New Extended colors; I used a new method for extending the vanilla colors to sets of 5, and some of the original colors I added didn’t fit; they’ve been included as Legacy colors for the sake of compatibility and those who liked those colors
  • Wood now contains all the Stained and Painted colors
  • Stone now contains all the Dyed and Polished colors
  • Clay Bricks now include the Glazed and Terra Cotta colors
  • Clay contains all the mod Terrain colors from the various vanilla and mod terrains
  • Composting has been removed at this time, and will be moved to its own mod in the future
  • Mod now uses locale file and should be able to be translated into other languages

As a note, given the planned changes to the building editor expected in A24, this may be the last update to this mod. To be seen after it is released.

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New small mod: Claygen

  • Increases chance of clay dropping from dirt
  • Adds chance for clay to drop from grass
  • Adds small chance for clay to drop from stone
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Going forward, I will use this thread as an index of sorts;

  • Small mods will be posted here in full; description, any pictures related to them, download link
  • Larger mods will have a briefer description and download link, as well as a link to its main thread which will have the fuller amount of information, changelogs, etc.
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As noted on the Building Colors mod thread, there’s been a small update: Claygen side mod had a typo. If you downloaded the first version, your grass won’t drop anything - please re-download to get the corrected version.

(Thanks, @BrunoSupremo)

I greatly apologize for the fact the Bunny Update still is delayed; unfortunately, a lot of my data got corrupted during some issues with my computer, and my last backup was apparently a lot further back than it should have been >.>

I’m toying with the idea of trying against with the designated class for the bunny, though still moving forward with restarting the update from scratch (or, at least, from the previous version, since I redownloaded that). I am very sorry and hope it’ll be worth the wait.

That being said, I was wondering what the opinion would be if I expanded it to include some non-bunny but similar content; I was thinking of making some Monkey things of the same nature for Rayaa’s Children. Thoughts?

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First off, sorry to hear about your computer issues – sadly it happens, here’s hoping you get smooth sailing from here and can replace that work quickly :merry: But please don’t feel too much stress and pressure over the delay – we may all be impatient for your awesome models, but that’s our problem not yours hahaha! We’re all just glad that you’re able to work on them at all. We’ll figure out a way to be patient :merry:

For the second question, I’d say that it might be really cool to have a “bunny cult trader” – it might even be part of a quest you can unlock. Say that there’s a special “awakened Ancient One statue” generated at game start, and the player has to find that statue to begin interacting with the bunny cult – give it an offering and some time later you get a mysterious visitor who gives you a quest, as you complete that quest you unlock lore about the Ancient Ones and eventually you unlock a new kind of trader stall; only instead of the generic merchant it summons a bunny cultist who sells the bunny decorations! The way I see it, this would only require a copy/paste/reskin process, you should be able to use existing assets and content as a template for every stage.

As for monkey-themed items… YES PLEASE! :monkey_face:


Yea, all too true. My laptop is a bit of a trooper for enduring me and all I do as well as it does, so it is entitled to freak out at me now and then, as unfortunate as the results are. Right now because of my current life situation, I’d rather take the hit to my work than risk having to send my laptop in to Dell after pushing my luck.

Hmm, I never gave this any thought, probably as a result of thinking the campaigns were a lt bigger and more involved than I’d be able to handle, but if you’re advocating that it shouldn’t be that bad, I’ll take a look into it. Maybe glance at the one in Stonehearth Cafe, since I remember the bee-line involved a tree being spawned and interacted with. Dunno; I was originally trying to make a new crafting class, but my lack of animation skills scared me away from it, lol.

Haha, good to see the enthusiasm. I was worried it didn’t “fit” since this was the “Bunny [Cult] Mod”, but also wasn’t sure about expanding it and couldn’t think of a good alternative name to reflect having other icons (though this isn’t the first time I’ve tried playing with the idea, as seen with the goblin totem and other ones I did in my creative corner some time ago)…maybe “Emblems & Enthusiasts”, as a play on the various totems or Emblems such as the Bunny, Monkey, etc, and the followers/cultists or Enthusiasts who then make the tourist-trap style decorations and furnishings based on them?

Bunny Mod:

So, I actually found a backup, yay! But it’s from when I first started this update, meaning it’s my older versions of things like the lampposts and windows. And before I started the language file work >.<

Still means not everything is lost, so I’ll probably use this as a starting point, as it is at least compatible with A23+. Just have to get the models aligned and the recipe work again.

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New Small Mod: Clay Veins

My curiosity was spiked after reading through a thread about clay quantity that mentioned the idea of clay veins, and wanted to see if I could pull it off for myself. The results;


A shoutout to @Tuhalu, whose marble in this mod helped me figure out how to go about doing this.

Download will be posted in my main post above


The Bunny Mod

1.1.2: Compatibility Patch:
Since the next Update keeps running into delays and issues, @BagHat helped me test a version of 1.1 updated for A23 compatibility, so you can continue to have Bunny Time:

-“Effort” added to Recipes
-Appeal added to Items
-Few missing images fixed
-File name changed to reflect future of mod
-Fine items temporarily disabled
-Variable quality added to items

Likely last patch/update under this name.
Will be changed in the Emblems Update, due to the inclusion of non-bunnies (such as the Monkey).


For that matter, could use some input from the Community for an idea I had during my (sigh) newest attempt at the update:

Since my start now rolls back to the previous version, which is just the Mason and stone catalogue, I was contemplating having the mod’s catalogue be “tiered” in a sense;

Carpenter: Bunny Items
Potter: Monkey Items
Herbalist: Goblin Items

Mason: Simple items from each
Blacksmith: Ornate items from each
Engineer: Very intricate and special items from each

Cook: Themed dishes?
Weaver: Cuddly items?

This would mean the Carpenter would be working with a little bit of stone and clay, though that feels like it fits in the Level 2 Collaborative Insight description (“The carpenter is now skillful enough to use materials created by other crafters.”) to me. Or is that too much of a stretch; should I have the other crafters actually “help” for that?

What do you all think?

  • Tiering System: Using other materials at higher levels is fine
  • Material Exclusion: My carpenter should not be making stone things! D:
  • Prepared Materials: Mason makes special “petrified wood” for the Carpenter’s “stone” use
  • Other: I’ll leave you a comment with my input

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Sweet Betsy, my cultists will love it.

I’ll have to combobulate my thoughts and give feedback later.

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YAY!!!.. runs of and tells the goblins to keep a lookout for any big deliverywagons with paw logos on it :jubilant::heartpulse: