Interchangable weapons?

Maybe this is a little early for this but I thought of perhaps interchangeable armament(without modding) for your towns folk would be neat. Everyone one gets bored of the plain ol’ sword and shield; what about some spears,crossbows, maybe even something more exotic like the hooksword or staff(combat staff not magic). I am not sure if this was previously covered but I hope to hear more about the crafting/combat system.

Hey there Ronin, the way things will work, is every unit has a specific class, [url]here is a small excerpt of that class tree [/url], and the class system is something that is heavily inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics.

[url] This image on the website [/url] shows a staff, crossbows, sword, there’s also other art that displays hammers etc.

I think it’s safe to say that there will be a wide variety of weapons/ armour for your units to use, how that is implemented however we are still not sure.

Perhaps the ability to wield weapons is tied up in a class … so your normal worker perhaps won’t be able to wield a weapon, whereas your standard infantry will be able to have a sword and shield, and another unit will have a spear.

There is some discussion [url] here [/url] regarding the actual implementation of weaponry, hope that helps!

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I am wondering if there is the option to have multiple weapons on certain individuals. ie Calvary that would have a spear and shield when on horseback (or wolfback!) but with the option to dismount and switch to sword and shield. Food for thought!

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@Templar828 if i had to guess, units will be equipped with the specific items they can use, and that we can see… and given how we have physical storage for all goods, i imagine we’ll have to manually switch a units weapons… unless of course he’s holding two weapons, with a shield strapped to his back… so, who knows? like the suggestion though… :slight_smile:

I had hoped that we not only had a slew of weapons and armours but mass amounts of woods, metals, alloys, gems and natural materials like hides,tusks and rare plants. Not to mention any sort of magical system. From there units have weapon type and each material can be used to make regular weapons/armour or more special weapons/armours. On top of a military use, they can be used as building materials e.g Different colour woods, and other craftable items. If done well it gives larger customisation for your army and city, yet is a simple fluent system. It would have people exploring and trading.