A Few Questions About The In-Game Combat And Weaponry

Hi there. I was just wondering a few things about the combat and weopans in the game.

What I was wondering about the weapns in the game was that if you could upgrade your weapons and if you could customize them.

I was also wondering a few things about the combat in the game. What I was wondering is that if your in a battle in-game, would you have to use skill, or would it be something where all you have to do is hack and slash?

That is all my questions. Thank you for your time reading this. I hope you could answer my questions.

Hey there,

Combat is RTS-styled, you don’t hack and slash with a unit, as in you don’t have that level of control.

In regards to customization, and further combat info:

[urlhttp://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1e92bf/iama_team_of_twin_brothers_who_quit_our_jobs_to/c9xzo3t] Can you go into further detail about the combat class options that will be available? [/url]

"*For combat, you’ll be able to customize your army through class and gear. Your unit’s class will determine most of its abilities, and we’ll have all the archetypes represented: tank, melee nuker, ranged nuker, healer, etc.

Then each unit’s gear will determine some passive bonuses, and occasionally grant new abilities. For instance, you may decide that you want a strong defensive front line, so you promote 10 footmen and just 2 archers as the main damage dealers behind them, but you can choose to arm those footmen with swords, which do extra damage, or maces, which have a chance to stun on hit.

Of course, all of this is just an example of the kind of feel we’re going for. Exact mechanics are subject to change."*

As for upgrading, I’m pretty sure there will be an upgrade system, at least something like wood -> Iron -> Steel

Thank you for answering me. :slight_smile:

Will combat be based on a “hive mind” type of thing or more micromanagement of single units? Also, will the same abilities of unit control be available when not in combat?


I’m not actually sure about that. You should ask a developer at Radiant Entertainment about that!