Ideas for the game 2

If played the game now for some hours and im missing of some things/things i like to see in the game when its finished (i know its an alpha but u still can discuss about it)

  1. A quest system would be nice where you can find quests for each day and it would rise the game fun and you have smth to doo.

  2. Some cool boss monsters would also be nice like when u mine in some caves or in the forests when u come to a certain place.

  3. That you can let some guys get wood and some guys stone. everytime i give my little mans(and womens) a task ALL go and complete it. But i would like to have some builders, some woodcutters and some miners.

  4. A Tutorial which encloses more

  5. Maybe a story modus (i know… alpha)

  6. A multiplayer (atleast for lan at first i saw it will be developed)

You got more things u would love to see? :slight_smile: Or are there things that i wrote which are already in the game and i just didnt saw em?

Btw. sry for my bad englisch im from Germany :3

don’t wanna disappoint you, BUT:

  1. Is kinda there at least it used to be for a couple of pathces, so they’ll most likely put in a decent questing system later.
  2. Is also planned to be added, you hsould watch the trailers :wink:
  3. I believe this has been proposed multiple times and has been noted, can’t remember wether or not they confrimed adding it.
  4. Feel free to make one, if it’s good it might even be added to the website’s media!
  5. I also believe this has been planned.
  6. Also planned but taking time they got bigger things to add first xD

I don’t wanna sound like a douche or anything, but Team Radiant ahs a beautifull site with links to the Roadmap and others where you can see planned stuff etc. You might wanna check them out cause most of what you propose would be neat, but has been planned or will most likely be planned. :smiley:

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Well the things i saw are a little bit older :smiley:
also it would be cool if u could place fences by symply drawing a line and not place every fence for itself D:

And my englisch is too worse to make a tutorial in englisch ^^

Maybe its “older” but, it gives you everything you need to know :smile:

Stonehearth Roadmap - CLICK IT =)


Like i said before its older and maybe not rly up to date :slight_smile: (i know i expect too much :D)

It is up to date, mate.
Scroll down, you can see whats done, and whats in progress.

yes they keep things up to date. I mean whouldn’t it be weird to almost weekly updates but not keep the rest up to date; what would be the point to that xD

It says its from 14.5 o.o

other question when ur answearing me :smiley:
i turned on the beta thing in steam so i get latest updates. still youtubers got other things than me in their game

it’s because there are so many mods, you can install them to add more itmes/denizens/classes/etc. to the game. Beware tho, not all mods can be combined.

where can i get the mods? First beta (besides The Forest) i play :smiley:

you should be able to find them scattered acros the forums or just filter the categorie to modding.

also instead of the “older” roadmap, you could always go look at the [trello board][1].

[1]: Trello

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