Hoods and Cloaks Taking Priority Over Head Armor

I have no idea if the cloaks and hoods that I’m seeing are from a mod or from the A14 release and the same goes for the Iron Coif.

The issue is that the Hunter Cloaks (as cool as they look) are taking priority for my Footmen and they’re wearing them instead of the Coif which offers a higher defense rating. The cloaks are +1 and the Coifs are +4. At first I thought the cloaks were being worn OVER the coif, which would have been awesome, but I found the unworn coifs in a chest.

I’m just not sure where I should post this seeing as how I’m not sure which piece(s) are vanilla and which are from mod(s), so I picked “Support” and figured someone would be able to point me in the right direction. :slightly_smiling:

What mods do you have installed? I don’t believe there are any “cloaks” in the game at the moment…


For the sake of being thorough: Armory Expansion, Hearthlings of Many Faces, Locks of Colour, Settlement Decor, Stonebunny, and Terrain Colors.

LOMC has hoods, but they i dont think they should be considered armor… @Wiese2007 will be able to provide more info on that though.

Right on.

If it helps track down the source, my Weaver had to make them.

Hmm. well Armory Expansion is @8BitCrab’s, so I’m sure he would have mentioned it if he had cloaks. Hearthlings of Many Faces is @Drotten’s, but doesn’t add models to the game AFAIK. Settlement Decor (@The_M) , Stonebunny (@Kittyodoom) , and Terrain Colors (@Relyss) also shouldn’t have new armor models…

@Wiese2007 added my cloak designs, Hunter Cloaks are from LoMC.
There’s not any reason that they should be getting priority, though. I remember reading this issue in other cases as well.
Went looking for it, only similar cases I could find look like they should have been fixed


@DrBubba, could you try removing and reinstalling LoMC? Maybe you have an older version…

Sure, I can try that. It’s entirely possible that I have an older version. Trying to keep up with what’s been updated using these forums is a little awkward, although I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it that I’m not aware of.

Hunter Cloak can only be Lomc ^^ so i have fixed it and add a rolespecification

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