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Hhh nono it’s ok. I appreciate that someone tells me all the different bugs. So i can find a possible solution. Have to take a closer look at all


Oh oh. It is not working for me too! I will need to fix the archipelago mod :frowning:
I will try a few things later and if I find a solution I’ll share with you.


Thx Bruno! Hope there is a solution.


Seems not so easy to solve this problem. THe LUA-files are exactly the same like the Radiant-Team uses for the Rayya Children. So the Bug should be someone else.

:frowning: :frowning:

Maybe someone of the Dev-Team can see the Bug?


@Hamnisu alerted me to your troubles. Applying kingdom-specific overrides in a client script like you’re doing can only affect things that are on the client (UI, audio, some visuals), not actual gameplay. What you should do instead is have separate overrides for the base recipe list and for the RC recipe list in your main manifest, and not have a second manifest at all. E.g.:

    "/stonehearth/jobs/cook/recipes/recipes.json" : "file(rayyas_children_selected/jobs/cook/recipes/recipes.json)",
    "/rayyas_children/jobs/cook/recipes/recipes.json" : "file(jobs/cook/recipes/recipes.json)",


Sounds good, @max99x - thank you for the assistance!


Sorry for the late reply! Sounds really interesting. In this case i doesn’t need the lua file, great!! Will try this as soon as possible.

But i have one question about this. I know that the Rayya Children doesn’t have a recipe file for the blacksmith. It’s possible to insert one for the rayya childrens using the mixintos code??


Yes, for recipes that are repeated, like your cook where he creates a wooden table in Asc and a clay table while in Rayya, you can simple add it as usual, and the clay version you add to the Rayya cook, not the generic cook.

But there are a few classes that Rayya doesn’t have (it just copies from the Ascendancy), like the engineer for example. If you add a wooden item to that class, it will be available to both factions, as Rayya has no recipes for it, simple copying the generic recipes. Because of this, there is no way to simple override it adding the variation to the Rayya class, afaik.

Another problem, the one I’m facing, is when we need a recipe to appear in a specific crafter, carpenter for Asc or potter if Rayya. For me, I’m going to add both and simple unlock the correct one through scripts.


smod file has string of numbers as name please re upload or provide new link


Thx for this info! i don’t know why this happened. will upload a new smod file to solve it.


I have to add also some changes to the rayya smod file to make the mod work properly.

This will take some time unfortunately. I will try to upload the old smod file so it’s useable for the Ascendancy Kingdom.

Don’t use it for the Rayya Children Kingdom.

Saved files doesn’t load the Rayya Models so the saved Gamefiles will not work.

Who can read these mod reports? Help me maybe?

New Updated link in the first post. Just klick and download the file


Can it be used for RC Pingu?


As far as I know, the RC issue is yet not solved. (I’m helping out trying to solve it)
Until Pingu corrects me on this the safest bet is to stick to TA for a bit more :slight_smile:


But but… i need this mod in my RC town! haha :rofl: Well i guess i can work with my patience :jubilant:


If you work with your patience, I’ll try to help as much as I can with solving the issue - deal? Deal! :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately the RC doesn’t work for now. :frowning:
I hope to update it as soon as possiblr. @Hamnisu is helping me a lot with that. :smiley:


those looks amazing. thanks for sharing, don’t forget sharing more if you have some…
i wanted to say that you have a real talent, that’s easily seen!


Ahh thx @LinerTop :smiley:
I’m glad you like it.

Yes, i planned also so much more staff for this mod. After solving this fastidious bugs


Thanks for fixing the link great mod