Home sweet home 🏡


You’re welcome :wink:

I’m glad you like it @SamoRDSA.

Remember, there is a Bug that causes a incorrect visualisation of the Rayya Models when you load a Savegame File. So for now only the Ascendancy works fine and without problems.

@Hamnisu is so great and tries to help me out with this issue so i hope to get a fixed Mod Version in this month :slight_smile:

Who can read these mod reports? Help me maybe?

Could you deploy an RC version and a Ascendancy version in the interim if this problem proves immediately insurmountable?


I’m sorry, @Averest, but I really have to claim it’s better to wait for the next release which will solve it for both Kingdoms. :cry:

Edit: we know the issue AND the solution!
Now, it’s all just a matter of implementing in all files and work out some minor details :sweat_smile:

Who can read these mod reports? Help me maybe?

Oh! That’s totally cool. I’m not the one having to do all the work, after all. Going forward this is an important issue for modders so that each faction can get their own specialties. I could see it being great for coop games where players can trade specialty goods for a little bit of cultural exchange.


Update 2.2 is out now!!

Finally the fixed Update is online. Now also Savegames will load properly (if not let me know).

You have to start a new game with this mod to make it work correctly but after them all will work normal

Special thank’s to @Hamnisu for all his help to make this Update come real.

I also have a little surprise for him. I wanted to thank him by making a special Entity in the Mod. Hope @Hamnisu like it ^^

A little Monument to Hamnisu


Finally, the new update has arrived - may your berries forever taste not-bitter!

Any time, @pingu!
I’m glad we were able to find a solution that will work, ahem, flawlessly from now on :slight_smile:

I LOVE it! :heart_eyes:
Quick everyone, find more bugs which I can solve for @pingu so that he will make me more awesome monuments like this!! :sweat_smile:


HA! It doesn’t look any thing like you Hamnisu! Awesome job you two!


…it kind of has the same “posture” as me when I’m feeling stupidly proud of myself. (you know, that “Superman pose”)


So nice @pingu! That @Hamnisu momument is really cool and a very nice way to show you apreciation :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update both of you.


Ahahah i tried also to ask him if the Nickname have some deeper signification to make a monument dedicated to it but didn’t worked well. So i used this decor Vase xD


Thx @Fornjotr, i’m glad you like it ^^

Yes i’m very happy about his help. Finally the Mod works properly and can be used :smiley: yay :tada::tada:


what was fixed in this new update?


Well, the “big thing” is that RC-settlements shall no longer experience issues with saving and loading games.
It used to be that their recipes reverted to TA counterparts after loading a game; this is no longer the case.

Other than that, I believe @pingu corrected a few things in the manifest and added 1 new item (the monument).


Exactly! I fixed some bugs in the manifest that makes disappear some models when other mods like the decoration one is active. but also rearranged some entities to solve the problem with the filters of the stockpiles (now every crafted Items should be placed in the right Stockpile).

But the most important change is that now when you load games the mod will work properly and show the right models for the kingdom.

And also the new model that is the first one of a much larger series xD


The ingredients pantry in Raya’s doesn’t work. As in when you place it, it disappears. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue.


Oh i see @Fitzik … will update the file today. I will tell You when it’s done


Do you have plans to make the Berry Barrels usable by Rayya’s? Kinda hard to make them with no berries, lol.


Yes xD i’m planning to make a kind of Cactus Juice. Also try to upload the Changes today :wink:
Thx for your test… helps me a lot to improve the Mod and find bugs :wink:


Thanks for this mod, one of the reasons I started playing Stonehearth again.


I’m glad to hear it @Fitzik! Really!! :smiley: :relaxed:

Next step will be to add some decorations to the Blacksmith and i’m also working on some Models with effects. So there still enough things to do for this mod :smiley: :smiley: