[MOD] Decorations and Utilities

– Big News: Mod Launch 07/03 –

I have been working on some new parts and items for decorations and soon after i clean some bits i will release it as mod.

Right now i can show you guys some of the items i will bring to you:

Rails and minecart

Some chamines

Tents, yes is only one pic but i made it in 5 colors that match the furs we have in game

To see more pics here

I hope you guys like and give your feedback

House mod version 0.1 for Alhpa 8


  • Redbricks recife for the mason;
  • Small chamine recipe for the mason, uses redbricks to make;
  • Medium chamine recipe for the mason, uses redbricks to make;
  • Big chamine recipe for the mason, uses redbricks to make;
  • Redbrick wall, use the redbricks to make (buggy);
  • Yellowstone wall, use normal stone but don’t look good;
  • Square vitral recipe for the mason (a window);
  • Large vitral recipe (yep, another window);
  • Tent bed recipe for the weaver, used to make tents, usable as bed;
  • Cloth tent recipe for the weaver, usable as bed;
  • Rail recipe for the carpenter (decoration only);
  • Curved rail recipe for the carpenter (decoration only);
  • Minecart recipe for the carpenter (decoration only).

Download V0.1


Do the hearthlings consider the tent as a bed?

I love the tents! not saying everything else is bad, but I can really see the tents going towards good use. Maybe a search party can take them along when they go out exploring. Its a nice design :smiley:


This is an extremely important question !:slight_smile:

i will try my best to make it happen this way

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WOW love that! good job!

I LOVE THE MINECARTS. I really hope they add them to the vanilla in the future.

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MINECARTS. I really hope they add them

I doubt they will, too much like some other game I forget the name of… :wink:

I have been wanting to put chimneys on the top of some of my homes, with big fireburning stoves inside, just to make it feel a little more cozy. Especially with the blacksmith, I would love to have a tall chimney for the forge.

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Thanks guys and here is what a tent can do

For bugs i need to check the export part of the models, i think they need to align more and ajust the colision box

I would like your feedback on the recipe for the bed and the tent right now the bed cost 3 tread to make and this version off the tent cost 2 cloth and 1 bed


i would say that’s reasonable, depending on the quality of the bed.

Oh a Comfy Tent, comes with self inflating air mattress :slight_smile:


So guys, we have tents now, just one type as i try to clean more the models and jsons but you can test it right now


Hey guys, what do you think about having slabs using the cloth and pelts?

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Sounds good in theroy, but i dont feel likeit would be a appropriate materail for building.

well, the way the engine use the blocks to build it count as follow
1 wood = 80 slabs
1 stone = 40 slabs
1 cloth = 10 slabs
1 pelt = 1 slab

As the way i want to use those pelts, cloth and leather to build slabs is for decoration, so i think that maintain those values can help balance the cost for slab, but is possible to change.


It would make sense but I feel like the feature would ultimately be overlooked unless given incentive to be used. Pelts are used for armors and such and at the pace you can get new villagers and amass a army the pelts would be handy. Having each 1 pelt go a single blocks seems like a steep price rather than using 2-3 on armor. By no means am I saying it wouldn’t work, but it’d need to be played out in the right way to be used,

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The tents are amazing! They work perfectly, I’m curious if there’s a way to mod the starting items so your townies start out with 7 tents. It makes way more sense that your settlers came with the barest of shelter. :smiley:

i know it is possible to do it, just don’t know how this could be done on the new alphas after they change many thing from the start of the game


The link is unavaliable, does this mod still work?