Tent mod suggestion

It would be pretty sweet if someone who can make mods could do a tent mod? I dn’t know about everyone else, but I don’t typically make buildings right away, but put beds out on the ground. I htink having a group of tents instead would look pretty sweet. Ideally it would function just like a bed, just the hearthling would be hidden inside. Also ideally healers could heal those in tents.

Im thinking three tents, a leather yurt style similar to what the goblins use

a basic triangle style

and a fancy campaign style tent like this

or this

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Here is what I did for the first one.

tent_1.qb (356.0 KB)


This old mod includes a tent: [MOD] Decorations and Utilities
(It’s probably outdated / incompatible with current build).


I saw that one and thought it was a very good tent. I think they were even trying to may it a bed objects so Hearthling would seek it out when tired

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yep, they where functional beds and i still have all the files in a bad shape harddrive. i was planing to make bigger tents with various things to put inside for the hearthlings to use but never get to that point

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The tents as beds would be ideal. Also a bedroll.

I was bored, so here you go.