Hobby Project - The Beat

Hey guys. To keep myself busy I’ve been coding a bit on my own while Stonehearth comes along. I’ve always deep down wanted to play a police simulator style game, thanks to finding Qubicle because of Stonehearth I’ve got back into it heavy because it makes art not a key factor (for me at least) I can stay coding and not voxel’ing…

Either way felt alone and wanted to show my latest work - still a lot to be done with basic AI avoidance (player/car/other AI avoidance is complete) but it still needs work to make it life-like with regular obstacles.

With that said I’m not planning on charging anything when it does hit a playable state - more so using it as a full blown learning experience. Feel free to have a look-see.

Still looking for some guys that got some time to kill and want to animate little block guys for me.


This is great! I unfortunately cannot animate so I am of little use to you but I can provide some enthusiastic support: keep it up man! I know if you make it downloadable I certainly will be having a play around :wink:

Thanks - progress has been rather slow lately (work, + getting ready to have another child soon) so within the next month or so I’ll be going full swing. Only people I really show it to is close friends I just wanted to post something up for once.

hey there @FinKone… i love the new look of the police cars (they were revamped, yes?)… is this related to your other thread? are you still looking for help on the project?

Yea the cars got entirely redone. My problem as a hobby guy is working on a small portion of the game until I consider it perfect… dangerous mentality to use in coding from my experience. :smiley:

I got a few offers on the topic in regards to animation help - and responded to the guys but didn’t submit anything to them yet mainly because I’m still working on needing additional animations - even though I’m ready for a few, I’m always thinking of doing new animations and want to avoid reincorporating a new FBX file and implementing that because thats lost time yanno?

The current list is idle, walking, running, fleeing (arms swinging around), reading, cellphone, smoking, carry object, injured, states from ragdoll to standing, waving player down, pointing, and by tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be adding at least one more, not to mention the following day… ;D

But yea, help is welcome of course. I’m trying to push enough to at least entertain some people until Stonehearth beta, but at my current rate I’ll be way behind that.’

EDIT - if you don’t mind I might make this my home thread for updates?

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no worries! would it make sense to merge your other post here then, so as to capture the previous offer of help as well?

p.s. love the track you chose to overlay… :wink:

A merge would make a lot of sense to me. That something I do on my end or yours? Not to used to his message board style. :smiley:

Hey guys. I feel bad firstly for attempting to use this forum to find and network for a person able to animate and export Qubicle creations to a 3D editor for rigging, animation, and exporting to a FBX - but thats what I’m really after.

I been coding in my free time for a bit now, and recently started using a new set of tools - I’m starting to get more comfortable with it and the functions they come with so I’m looking for someone that can make animations so I can stay fixated of coding with my limited time I already have…

Of course I’d be willing to pay and buy the rights to your animation work that you’ve done and I’d throw your name up in the game, but I’m just tired of getting bogg’d down honestly by animating things, and honestly its not my cup of tea I find no joy in it… ;(

I understand if the mods want to lock this thread and its the first some what raunchy act I’ve done here - so be gentle. If anyone is interested, simply PM me, and we’ll get the talkin’.

@FinKone… i dont necessarily have a problem with this, as you arent doing anything malicious… you’re asking for help from the community, and even offering to compensate someone for their time… no harm in that…

you havent flagrantly posted links to websites where your asking for money, and as far as i can tell, you arent a Nigerian Prince looking to raise funds… :tongue:

may i ask what the project is? im assuming its related to SH?

I’ll do it @FinKone. I love animation. Although I may not be able to do it as frequently as you would like, I could be one of the animators on your team. I have 3DS Max, and Maya, so I’ll be able to animate well.

you’re all set! :smiley:

Got around to improve local avoidance, adding basic GUI interaction with pedestrians, and smoothing out a lot of other rough edges. Soon to add criminals to give players something to do. Then onto a basic GUI for the player, and after that moving to tackle vehicles in the game.


Just a few Ideas I came up with,

  • You can have conversations with AI asking them if they had seen any suspicious activity etc.
  • AI will go over to bodies or run away
  • AI will have cars and drive around

This looks really cool, I’d definitely buy it, or get it for free, whatever you plan on doing with it :P. (Cube Theft Auto anyone?)

I’ve got a pretty extensive list of additions want to make, short and long term goals I guess.

Over time you’ll be able to ask pedestrians about crime in the local area (long term)

If you respond to a crime and you talk to a victim they will give you a description of the person that committed the crime, you’ll either have to roll down the street if you are to late in hopes of looking for someone fleeing, meeting the description, or that perhaps is carrying items out of place (guy with purse, maybe he stole a TV set, perhaps it was a brown briefcase.)

This later listed is a short term goal and will not hold the players hand entirely - I want to player to have to look for and be rewarded for finding the right criminal, or punished for arresting the wrong one (You’ll be able to detain, question, arrest, search, bring suspects back to witness for verification, and collect items as evidence) - I’ve always wanted to play a rewarding simulator - the only problem is I don’t think the community for a police simulator is like minded since I’m using cube graphics. I literally am doing everything currently (animation, sound, modeling, coding) are all being done by me. My wife hates my addiction.

As for the AI going over bodies they already slightly do but I want to improve this - long term will be to add triggers that they hit and can stumble / apply more force to ragdoll (dead) people to give a more realistic feel. Right now they currently flee in some what predefined direction (roughly a 155-180 degree turn from the cause) I’m going to improve over time on this.

In regards to AI having cars - this is a must, but as a single guy I need to stay fixated (which is often hard for me) on what I’m going to code. I’m mainly doing walking AI at this point, and making sure I get it to a acceptable state in my terms, before I move onto car AI at which most my work if done correctly on AI will be a fast port over.

I’ll try to post over the next few days short term and long term goals and rough order I’ll be trying to implement them.


When I release the alpha of the product depending on the state of my game (if I’m using sounds that I don’t own rights to for example) I’ll be forced to release it as a free state. Making this type of game has always been a dream of mine, so my hearts into it. Its the first game I’m making that I WANT TO make. All of my other background experiences so far have either been open source code learning experiences of sorts, or really fixated single exercises to learn something specific.

I don’t think I’ll ever start a kickstarter for it, I’m in the military and don’t really have the luxury of being able to hunker down and know that I’ll be for sure able to code. I can’t even honestly put a time line of my work. The reason I didn’t start to make a game like this from the start is GTA style games is honestly a very large undertaking in terms of everything and I finally feel like I’ve got enough know how to accomplish it.

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Still found a few hours to do some coding this week. I hope I can keep at it (the wife and I just had another kid… sleep is rare.) Either way I had a choice - lay down for a few hours, or code away…


…I’m stressing… stress testing that is.
You guys ever been coding and just get completely sidetracked with a unfinished state of something? Happens to me here and there - and it happened with the vehicle AI implementation I was doing today. I show how I got a bit side-tracked, which is raw, unfinished vehicle AI with 2 behavior stages, normal, and drive it like you stole it, then show some progress on crimes. The interactions with AI are working 100 times better now with less bug-holes to call through - its now at a state that I can add additional crimes rather easy now, so I’m moving onto vehicle AI.

I’ll keep improving avoidance with pedestrians over time, and adding more depth to them also. My main focus is shifting for now.


gimme :stuck_out_tongue: :smile: looks great

Two more suggestions:

  • mini map to help navigate Finkone City
  • dogs, police dogs to help find evidence/chase down and pin down criminals running away or civilians walking their dogs maybe criminals can also steal the civilians dogs