Any Youtube Tutorials?

So i have been trying to find tutorials on youtube to make things and get them to work for SH modding but so far i can not find any thing… would any one know where i can find some good tutorials that can help teach the tricks and tips??

Been looking myself and there doesn’t seem to be any solid ones out, however I’ve found it way more effective to just test things out and read on the internet.

There isn’t a way to speed learn this, it all comes with dedication and work… imo.

One thing that is really convinient is the great community of Stonehearth, there is always someone willing to help.

This is true! but no one can help me improved my Designing ability’s lol Artistic block is a hell of a problem.

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I agree :sweat_smile:

And even there help can be asked :wink:

At somepoint in the next week or so I’ll be doing a Qubicle Tutorial Stream, showing the general Stonhearth art style :slight_smile: There will likely be videos later on covering topics in depth


ooo then i will try and attend i hope i do not have work

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If not I’m always happy to see what youve made and give my opinion on them or help in anyway I can :slight_smile: