Have Soldiers fully equip before charging in battle

I play mostly in Hardmode which often doesn’t end well and my towns get wiped out (eventually) on regular basis. So i start a lot of new games, but I don’t care.

Yet I have one issue.
When invaders are approaching and I think it is too much for my one soldier I convert as many Heartlings to soldiers as I can. I mostly have crates full of equipment, swords, shields, hammers, armours ect.
But sadly the Heartlings, even though not permanent soldiers, who eventually still reach up to lvl 3 in Soldiering, only pick up a sword, charge in a fight, and only after the fight is over bother to pick up any other equipment, stored in crates the swords were ^^. (by then I am already assigning them back to they actual jobs.)

It’d be much better if they equip what ever they can and is available and then join the fight.

sidenote :For me it doesn’t matter if because of the equip animation it takes awhile for them to join the fight as I mostly anyway have my soldier run from the Invaders until all of them are ready :wink:


I suppose a work-around for this issue is to assign your Hearthlings to Footmen “long before” the hostiles are close to your settlement.

I think the cause of them “skipping” to upgrade, is due to the enemies being close - this have them prioritize the fight itself over anything else.
If the enemies are “far away”, your Footmen will not notice the incomming battle, and thus the upgrade will have higher proirity. :slight_smile:

True if you are lucky enough to see them coming.
But once you get the message Invaders Approaching ur to late :thinking:

Hmm, this is true :frowning: