Game freezing on or just after load

Hi @jomaxro & @linda ,

I’m having what I guess is the same issue. My current save is not loading on the unstable branch, either freezing up during load or right when I get into the game making it unplayable. It’s not an A18 save, I started it this week on the unstable branch so my guess is it’s not the issue linked above by jomaxro.

Here is the link to my save and the logs I gathered for the issue : Dropbox -

The sreenshot in the save is where it froze the one time I managed to load my save.

Please let me know if I can help by providing any more info.


Thanks for the save! It doesn’t look like your issue is related to @Greymatter’s. We will look into what is causing your game to freeze. Do you use any other mods?

No other mods, really just a default install.

Does this happen in any of your other games/saves?

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I have not seen it on my other save.