My game freezes within a few moments after opening up/creating a new save

No idea why, most of my other games work fine, but whenever i log into a save, or create a save, after a short period of time my game stops, like nothing will happen, if i click it just sais its not responding, (hate that my first post here is a bug report of all things) Help!

If I understand correctly you start a new game play for a while and then it crashes? Or do you get a crash upon saving/loading a save?
-Have you tryed lowering the graphics options? Even on a super computer this can help with load crashing due to beig an alpha.
-Have you tryed reinstalling the game?
-whitch version are you using right now, and which version is you save file?

Hey there @CrazzyJ0123, welcome to the Discourse!

@Doc_Brano has some good questions, I have just a few more to add:

  • Can you upload your Stonehearth.log and crash.dmp (the latter may or may not be there, depends on exactly how the game was crashing) from the game install directory?
  • Can you confirm that you can launch a new game without issue?

I have lowered the graphics options as low as they can go, and have reinstalled the game twice. I am running the game over steam, and it sais alpha 14 in the actual game, so i am assuming that it is indeed alpha 14, as for my log and crash files here is the log, however i didnt find any file by the name Crash.dmpstonehearth.log (20.5 KB)

Thank you so much for your help

Hey there @CrazzyJ0123, sorry for the delay, I was on vacation with limited internet access.

Alpha 15 was release a few days ago to Steam, so I would like to test some things to see if we can resolve the problem.

We have seen issues in the past with kind of, sort of, not really corrupted game files, so let’s rule that out before we go any further.

If you could, please complete the following:

  1. Exit Steam completely.
  2. Open the Stonehearth folder located (by default) at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth.
  3. If you have any save games or custom building templates you wish to save, copy the saved_games and/or saved_objects folders to a temporary location, like you desktop.
  4. Delete the entire Stonehearth folder
  5. Check for Graphics Card updates by visiting Download Drivers. Please manually check for an update, we have found the auto-update software unreliable.
  6. If asked by update, please reboot your computer.
  7. Relaunch Steam
  8. Delete Stonehearth from Steam by right clicking on Stonehearth and clicking Delete Local Content...
  9. Click INSTALL
  10. Follow instructions to install Stonehearth
  11. Try running Stonehearth
  12. If it succeeds to run and you are able to create a new save, great! Feel free to restore the backed up saves/templates and have fun.
  13. If not, please re-upload your Stonehearth.log so we can check it again.

Hey thanks so much for the help, i do have a small question however, the page you linked is unspecific as to where i can check for an update (either that or it is and i dont understand this enough due to my lack of computer knowledge, i am basically at your mercy here) you wouldn’t happen to know where on that page I could manually check is would you?

Sorry about this, really i only have a very basic understanding of software,and next to no understanding of hardware at all, I really appreciate what you are doing for me here man. I wish I had the money to pay you back.

No worries. Let me share a screenshot. When you load the page, scroll down a little bit, and you should see the following section:

From your log, it looks like your graphics card is “AMD Radeon HD 8550G”, so you would select the following options (just enter your operating system):

On the next page scroll down and click Download next to the version with the newest version. It is up to you as to whether you install just the minimal setup, or the full software package.

Hey so it didnt work, also, the graphics installer or whatever you told me to download, allso installed some sort of recording softwere called Plays.TV? What is that all about man? here is my log again:stonehearth.log (53.8 KB)

That is a new one. Looking at AMD’s website it does appear they are bundling that in their full software package. Feel free to uninstall it, I will let @albert know about this, and will tell people to install just the minimal drivers going forward. Sorry about that!

Anyway, seeing some errors in the logs I haven’t seen for awhile, and a bunch of lines about the game loop exhausting before any jobs finish. I’m all out of ideas, will need one of the devs (like @albert or @not_owen_wilson to help troubleshoot further). Sorry!

thanks anyway i guess, idk what is wrong, good thing i have other games.

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