Game crashes, Hearthling stuck in oblivion


:merry: thank you for doing that, @T1NonlyPhil and I do have 7zip, but it was saying it wasn’t an active archive @paulthegreat


Ok I’m working on the save now. I am going to omit the Box Command Tool as it is very outdated.


Ok all fixed. The Box Command Tool is outdated. You also had your patrolling members in one large group, so they were disappearing and crashing the game with idle ticks. I’ve teleported both your one Knight and one Bowman that were ‘vanished’. I’ve also separated your patrolling parties into 3 different groups so they don’t have collision problems.
Please use the GREEN button that says Apply Mods, when you launch this save, since my stonehearth file is modified for different starting stats. (7.1 MB)


@Nikia, this is exactly what’s happening in my game, but I have no mods enabled. I have a 100% vanilla game. What can I do to fix mine? Anything I can do to avoid this?


When you launch the game, do you have the blue ACE button but without a check mark in it? @WravenDERF


Yes, I have the button, but no check mark. I was trying to avoid the issues of using any modded content.


Ok, so you do have ACE installed, it’s just not enabled. It’s the code that Radiant used to implement the ACE mod into the base game - that’s causing all of the bugs lately. The currently only way to have your game ACE free, is to: Uninstall, remove the Stonehearth folder from your steam folders, reinstall Stonehearth and then take Steam immediately offline so it doesn’t download Ace and use the implemented code.


However, this issue is mostly caused by patrolling groups either having bad physics interactions with other patrolling groups or the objects around the area they patrol. The best way to prevent this is to use all 4 flags in your parties options for patrol groups (the red flag button is one you normally use to tell your patrols to go somewhere). Just evenly distribute your patrolling groups to use all 4 flag colors (2/3 hearthlings per group).


I have played Stonehearth for 80 hours and I am enjoying the game, but my game has started to freeze lately when I am in battle. The little thing on the right down corner turns 86% yellow and that is my problem. I do have a few mods so I don’t know if that has an effect, I have like 5.

This is not my picture btw!



@Juicy_Fruit, that picture is actually really old :sweat_smile:

But we understand what you mean. :slightly_smiling_face:
Merged here since it’s been reported a lot lately. If you look at some of the posts above, it seems that some of your combat units are at 0,0,0. After playing that savefile for a bit, close the game, open your stonehearth.log (located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth) with any text editor, and find some logs that mention “current position for object 885721 became NaN. Skipping render mob’s Move() update.” The number is the ID of the hearthling that is stuck (you might have more than one). Copy them elsewhere.

Here’s the rest of the workaround:

Save only after you see your hearthlings back above the ground doing things. It might take several teleport attempts if they’re sleeping or something.


I made a sp game and suddenly my ipf skyrockets and my game freezes but I am able to use certain menu’s like the ESC menu. but the game does not unfreeze, after a few minutes the menu’s also stop working. I have 17 civs

I have the save here and it happens at random between 20-90 seconds, the only consistent thing is that the ipf is around 80-90% at the start of the save.

I also have seen some people saying that is to do with to many items at once but I have had some mp games where there were more items on the ground and on the move so I don’t think thats the problem



I have exactly the same issue as you.
Game rather pauses itself (not frozen, menu works), ipf 90% and RAM memory skyrockets from 5GB to 16GB.

22 civs, ACE mod enabled.

Are you using any mods?
Could be a mod conflict.

My subscribed mods:

  1. Bigger Backpacks
  2. Miner profesion
  3. Ballista Turret
  4. Armis Maximus


I have ace activated but no mods


I was enjoying the game when the time suddenly stops even though its in fast-forward and my ram usage skyrockets from 5.6gb till my pc freezes and have to reboot

Steps to reproduce:

  1. load save
  2. send party 1 to fend off ogres
  3. wait for the ram to skyrocket

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

I put about 8 hours into the save
the save has 29 hearthlings and 3000 items (mostly in chests)
it only takes about 30 seconds from when the time freezes to when my pc freezes


Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods

System Information:
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080ti water force extreme edition
16gb ddr4 3000mhz ram


I have the same problem with my 7 hour save
I even streamed it when it was happening
The game would suddenly pause on its own and memory usage goes up until everything crashes along with Steam and other apps except for my OBS.
This happened maybe because I had all my stuff still out in the open on Stockpiles
But I did try to clean them out with a different save. But it was still crashing.

My theory is that I broke the game because I closed off my base with walls, so monsters couldn’t get to me.
In result, Goblins were attacking the Crypts from the late game and I was getting looping quests from the bunny to save her.

There was a ton of monster bases already setup outside.
I think the problem with this game is optimization with items, and with it still showing activities through out the whole map.
Other than that, I don’t know what other reasons why it’s pauses and crashes.

i7 - 8700k
GTX 1050 Ti
16GB DDR4 2400mhz ram
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Give me an hour or so and I’ll edit this post with what I find is the cause. If it’s really bad, I’ll upload the fixed version for you.
Attempt 1: Removed all camps, their drops, and any mob with a red outline and their drops. iPF began to increase, so I checked the idle hearthlings. One of the bowmen were idle. I clicked on his name and the game went to black screen, locked up, froze my entire computer for 2 min solid and Stonehearth had to be stopped via Task Manager.
Attempt 2: Trying to demote Lvy Vemund (the bowmen in question), black screened as soon as his name is selected.
Attempt 3: Trying to locate Lvy Vemund, not found in world by caming around. Remove all entities other than hearthlings. Put all bowmen into their own defense team. Set team to defend empty spot. Lvy Vemund does not appear. Saved game. Game became progressively slower seconds after setting up defense locations. Attempted to reload the save, and the game crashed to desktop.

Concluded: Lag, Blackscreens, and Crashing caused by single stuck Bowman called Lvy Vemund. Unable to delete, destroy, or kill. Unable to locate inworld.

RESOLVED: By going to Console CTRL+C and typing in teleport 944592 and then choosing a spot by left clicking an open area with your mouse @kctitan141 kctitan141

Fixed Save File: (8.3 MB)

Game crashes, Hearthling stuck in oblivion

Thank you so much


The issue may repeat it’s self, though. I continued the save file and it happened again. Seems to be an issue with patrolling via ACE.
Same issue as Game crashes, Hearthling stuck in oblivion


They said they didn’t have any mods. Do they actually have ACE enabled?


I do not have ace enabled


Apparently, ACE just has to be installed for this to happen, it doesn’t have to be active. I’m also on one of the many Stonehearth discords and have been trying to troubleshoot people’s saves. This issue only arises after ACE is installed. @paulthegreat