My game is broken

beware bad spelling ahead
im not mutch of a computer guy so eny help wud by gretly apriseated

iv been playing stone hearth a wile now and on my old pc it was working on my old pc lots of lag just no crasing i got my nuw pc a week ore 2 ago and when i play stone hearth it keeps crasing ore freesing ore loking my out of controles and the game wil just keep gowing for 10 min ore so before not responding and crasing it crases on start up to sum times in order to star i have to remove the game file called x64

pc setup
gigabyte z690 aorus elite ddr4
evga geforce rtx 3060 xcgaming dual fan videokaar
intel core i7 12700k
gigabyte gp-aorus waterforce
samsung 980 pro m.2 nvme 1 tb ssd
corsair vengeance rbg pro ddr4 enthoudiast reg led 3600 mhz. 2 x 16 gb
corsair cp-9020200-eu rmx series rm850, 850 watt 80
windows 11

Primitive Armory
Birka Templates by Banto
Lorkis Biome
Strategic Silos
The Silent Woods
The Coast & Serene League
Clan Amberstone
[ACE] TMD - Tier 2 Buildings
Small fortress
[ACE Mod] Hearth-Tec
ACE Armours Core
ACE Armours
The Hunter
Swords AND Plowshares
Tily’s Huge Chests
windmill mod
Settlement Decor
Obligation/Timer Tracker
Quantum Fences
Nordlingmod [KINGDOM][ACE+Vanilla]
Mod Repairer
Lower Tier Music At Higher Tiers
Jewel Of The Orient
Home sweet home
Dani’s Core Mod
Glowy Windows
Clan Muramasa
Chimney Emitter
Canyon Biome
Beast Pets
Beam - Hearthling Stats Customization
Autoharvest Mod
Auto Golems Guns
Authorized Community Expansion (ACE)
Furniture Expansion (Continuation)
Gardens of Hearth
Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome
[RE-UPLOAD] Cattect: Brick Expansion
[ACE Mod] Composting
[RE-UPLOAD] Cattect: Extended Colours
[RE-UPLOAD] Cattect: Spooky Colours
[RE-UPLOAD] Cattect: Wood Expansion
[RE-UPLOAD] Cattect: Stone Expansion
Extra Map Options

to try and solv the crases iv plays withe no mods iv emtyd my animasions folder erazed al my saves and reinltald the game removing the x64 file lets my start the game and play for a bit
sory for my speling im dutch and dyslexia

same it was fine for me too i added tons of mod ace.fortify.nordlings and etc it was all fine no lag but 1 day when i logged in the game was all black and the music was playing so i tought that it might be loading still but i legite waitet for 1hour and 12 mins it wont open i even deleted mods still not working idk if this is the game or the mods its not my pc and i havent dowloaded eny mods recently on that time so i am at lost here

Did you find a wy to make it work

nah thats my i stopped playing
that was month ago

try hitting f5 to restart the UI it might work I’m not sure.