Game crashes, Hearthling stuck in oblivion


We should make a post in Gameplay or support section describing this workaround, to link it to anyone affected (gonna start merging these reports soon).

@Nikia, I doubt this has to do with ACE or with how ACE was integrated (I think, but I might be wrong).
It should be related to some other fixes (we replaced an assertion with a log in hopes it would let the game proceed, but sadly it seems that it does get into a bad state).

If anyone has a reliable way to repro, like, they can see exactly the moment when the hearthling goes missing, please tell us. So far players have reported that the high ipf started happening while in combat.


The only similar topic I found was caused by building. I have a storage system in progress, but it’s been there for many days. So basically, I have a world in Archpelago biome. What happened is hard to explain. My game froze, but internally. I can scroll, zoom and stuff, but I can’t control the game. It’s like I get put into spectator mode, while the world is on pause. It happens roughly after daily update. Also, if I try to save, it just gets stuck there forever. Quitting to main menu gets stuck (screenshot).
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load world, wait for morning
  2. Accept daily update
  3. Watch the world freeze

Expected Results:
Nothing unusual
Actual Results:
Can’t play, only watch
I don’t know what to send and where to find, so I’ll just wait for a reply telling me what to attach
Version Number and Mods in use:
Current mods are: Bigger Backpacks, Box Command Tool, Fisher + Archipelago and Yangz Yings.
System Information:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Intel Core i7 @ 1.80GHz
Intel UHD Graphics 620 (Dell)
4096MB ATI Radeon 530 (Dell)


I have exactly the same issue. It looks like all UI and AI freeze. This happens to me, as soon as I try to delete or finish a building. At this moment, everything freezes. I can still click on everything, except the game GUI doesn’t react as well.
Except from ACE, I only have some additional buildings installed.


I know what a lot of the different CPU usage categories mean, but not “lpf”, maybe someone can help out there. Just to check, since the other person replying about experiencing this was running ACE, are you running ACE? It’s not in your mods list, but just wanted to double-check.


IPF is ItemPathFinder, which is used for finding items mainly in AI actions. Stuff like restocking or looking for food. IIRC the IPF category is dominated by the time spent calling the filter function (which AI actions provide to define what they are looking for).


No I don’t, it causes the “ran out of memory” bug. Well, not that it doesn’t happen with these mods, but it just happens faster with ACE sadly. When I play 0 mods I almost never get that bug, with these mods I get it after about 2 or 3, and ACE takes roughly an hour to stop the game. But I think I read about it somewhere so I guess it’s a known issue (I hope)


Well, that’s infromative, thanks. That may contribute to the problem, but I’m not sure if it causes the problem. Like I said, the game froze after the daily update. I specifically tested by doing nothing and just waiting if anything would happen. Maybe I could send a world copy so people could check it out? However, I don’t know where to look for it…


Though, it’s a good point. I’ll go check if game freezes without all the appointed actions.


Just for info. Starting a new game solves the issue for me. I only have it with this one map. Was there an update for ACE today? Always have weird problems with “old” saves afterwards.


I’m having this same issue, no mods and on low graphics settings. Playing on normal speed seemed to let me go a bit longer before it froze up but I can’t do anything else


Just double checking but you aren’t cutting down entire forests at once or something like that?


Well I’m reluctant to start anew. I know that’s the easiest solution, but it’s not practical ( ; - ; )


I am harvesting a “forest of herbs”, but, as I mentioned above, it’s been there for a long time (night till day).

Oh, one thing just came to my mind. What if It actually is the cause, like, when daily update comes, it tries to redistribute actions, but something fails and it just freezes?
Here’s the world save file, see if anyone has the same issue:
Oh, new users can’t upload attachments, ok


I just found something weird. My game saves folder has saves, newer than the autosave, while when I load from the game, the newest one is autosave. Incomplete saving bug? (Ghost worlds?)


maybe @Relyss is around to allow you attachments?


Back with an update:
So, i cancelled all the actions, all the roles, got daily update and all was good. Also ipf was way higher while idle than in action, which was surprising (~50% while actions on to ~75% while all actions off). I turned on haul and job and wanted to pick up a fox lilly. I built a ladder, gave a command to pick up the flower (before the ladder was built), and hearthllings made another ladder to pick it up. Then the game froze:


Since I’m about to go on holiday and will be away from my PC for a week, I made a mediafire account:
That’s the world in rar if anyone would like to try and have a look at the problem.


It’s not allowing me to open it because it’s saying it’s not an archive. I’ve tried it a few times. Would it be possible to zip the file in a non-rar format?


The free software 7-zip can handle rar files.